Monday, May 6, 2013

Another NEW Burger? SMASHIES Burger in Setapak

Whats with all this burger craze???
I have been hearing so many of them gourmet burger joints such as BurgerLab, Junkyard Burger, Crayon Burger and Volks Burger all over town and I am sure there are many more which we are unaware of. Oh yah! I've learnt that there are 2 "styles/types" of burger joint ("seller") - street burger and gourmet burger (someone, correct me please). And all the above falls under the gourmet section whereby the patties are homemade (or do we call it own-made)?

OK, let's do without the technicality and talk about the food itself! First things first, I am no foodie but Smashies Burger suits my taste bud, perhaps because it is not that salty or maybe not too oily or possibly because they serve just the right portion. Maybe.

Come on, who will not be tempted with menu like this?
You think this is cool, they even have an 'I am Single' burger for those looking for a special burger partner :)

By the way, do you know why is it call Smashies Burger?
Apparent, it comes from the grill cook’s process of “smashing” the burger with a steel mold, locking in the flavors and juices. Feel wiser now? Hehhehehe.... I know I am.

I remembered those days back in A&W time where my cousin and I will go and we will get a baby burger, mama burger and papa burger (those days burger name was simpler). Imagine how cute I find when they say they have a baby burger, hahhahahha.... (must inform my cousin about this).

I guess the uniqueness and they individuality would be they custom made bun, where one would see the charcoal bun in BurgeLab but here the offer more than that. There are 5 types of buns available mainly charcoal, red (red yeast rice), green (pandan, limited edition), yellow (lentils) and orange (orange). Creative heh.

As we did not choose 'I am Single' burger, we requested to taste just the charcoal bun (and they agreed, wow!). The taste is definately yummy. Err... Can we get just the bun? Hahhahahha....

I ordered this - Happy Cow.

Hot Chicks! Order me! I meant, this burger is called 'Hot Chicks'.

Twillight Bella! Anyone wanna guess this is named after???

Game for a new try?

126-G-5, Metro Genting
Jalan Genting Klang
Setapak, Selangor.
Operating Hours
6:00 pm - 11:30pm
(last orders at 10:30pm)

PS : After all this GE13/PRU13 heat, I just feel hungry hence the need to do a food post (alasan nak makan je sebenarnya). Hahahahhahah....

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hlga said...

bikin ngiler,
cuma sayang saya gak begitu suka burger..


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