Friday, May 3, 2013

Pha That Luang & Patuxai In Vientiane, Laos (UNESCO)

Hemmm..... Looks familiar. That was my first thought.

Similar to Arc de Triomphe in Paris right?

This is the weirdest trip I ever made in my whole traveling career plan! I woke up one day, feeling angry, depress, remorse, annoyed, sad and every negative words you can imagine; and what better way but to call your darling friend right?

So, call Anna I did! Asked her what she will be doing just after Christmas and guess what - NOTHING! And the best is she agrees with my wackiest idea - Laos for 3D2N (leaving in 3 days time), to rejuvenate our mind & soul. Well, mine mostly (or at least I think so) hahahahaa...

Just one thing, Do.Not.Ask.Me.The.Flight.Cost. Hahhahhahahahha

The first glimpse, very impressive I must say.

Trying to do a symmetrical shot.

From wikipedia :

Patuxai (Meaning Victory Gate or Gate of Triumph, formerly the Anousavary or Anosavari Monument, known by the French as Monument Aux Morts) is a war monument in the centre of Vientiane, Laos, which was built between 1957 and 1968. The Patuxai is dedicated to those who fought in the struggle for independence from France. In romanising the name from the Laotian language, it is variously transliterated as Patuxai, Patuxay, Patousai and Patusai. It is also called Patuxai Arch or the Arc de Triomphe of Vientiane as it resembles the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. However, it is typically Laotian in design, decorated with mythological creatures such as the kinnari (half-female, half-bird).

Entrance fee : 3,000Kip / USD0.39 / RM1.19 (staircase or lifts to the top floor viewing area)
Opening Hours : 8am-4:30pm on Mondays-Fridays, 8am-5pm on Saturdays & Sundays.

You can walk up to the top but we chose not to, just being lazy for no obvious reason but I do suggest to try and share it with me the pictures.

Do you know what the above is? 
It is a place where the 'photographer' print and frame you pictures to sell. Yup! It's mobile! Creativity at large here heh.

Not only 1 van, but many vans.

So here is how it works, we chartered (pau) the whole tuk-tuk for USD50 to take us to 8+1 places. the +1 being a homemade grocery store where we purchased 12 bottles of them yummy jams (Yeah, we are weird like that). You can take as long as you like at each places and stop anywhere at anytime. We thought it was a good deal, due to communication problem we got the hotel to bargain it for us :)

From Wikipedia

Pha That Luang (Great Stupa) is a gold-covered large Buddhist stupa in the centre of Vientiane, Laos. Since its initial establishment suggested to be in the 3rd century, the stupa has undergone several reconstructions until the 1930s due to foreign invasions to the area. It is generally regarded as the most important national monument in Laos and a national symbol.

Entrance fee : 5,000Kip / USD0.65 / RM2.00
Opening Hours : 8am-noon and 1pm-4pm from Tuesday-Sunday

I tried googling about this and guess what I found, it is on UNESCO tentatively. OK, so it is a UNESCO declared site as yet but still... I went before it gotten it's 'approval/certification'. For UNESCO hunter like me, I have to say that I am contented.

I have only one MUST DO list and that is to catch the monks' alms procession.

It my mind, I've painted that my pictures going to be so fantatstic and the talk of the town (I know, I know, dream much!?). Here is what I imagine :- at the break of dawn; all the monk in their bright orange robe collecting alms from locals and tourist. And what I plan to do is edit it in black and white except for the orange robe, can you visualise how awesome my pictures will be?

Oh yah! I failed to wake up early both morning. Hahhahah.... so much for my MUST DO list heh! Maximum. Epic. Failure.

But worry not, I did manage to get what I want but at noon instead :)

This is however not and alm possesion but good enough for me to get the feel, and best of all; it's at Pha That Luang Temple, thus making my trip perfect. Saya happy.


Next entry will be how we got con at Friendship Bridge.

For more pictures, please view it at Globetrotter Facebook Page HERE.


Jeff Chuah said...

awesome entry. need some inspiration for my upcoming trip to laos. btw, since when is the temple being UNESCO Heritage Site? and I'm also a UNESCO hunter..

MsNiniE said...

May I ask? You covered 8places, is it in a daytrip for usd50?

What are those 8places, mind to share? I pi Laos, Jan next year...

Tenkiu in advance :)

Lily Riani said...


it is a UNESCO declared site but pending 'approval/certification' as stated :)

ms ninie,

I think you can nego lower if there's more people. we did it in the morning when we "felt" like jalan2-ing. no bargaining power lah kan.

attached entry shows a pic of the 6 standard sightseeing offered. we added supermarket to buy some jam and coffee as souvenirs(the jam was so nice) and Friendship bridge :)

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