Friday, April 26, 2013

I PASSED My Diving License!


But not without alot of - panic, vomit (Yup! Vomited IN the 2nd stage in the sea) and whine (a wee bit).

I was quite happy initially. 

OK! I lied! I was tired, sleepy, worried s%#^t, and I fail at bouyancy, these doesn't come close to being happy. Huh!!!!
Anyway, I put a brave and confident face (and happy face too) and try to remain positive and obviously it works (liar!!!).

Here's the thing, it's a camping cum diving trip, abit confusing for me, which should I focus on; camping or diving and mind you, we still to figure out the bathing, cooking, grooming and vogue-ing part. Stressssssss with capital S and plenty of 's'es.

I wanted to book a chalet at first but all was running at full house, obviously HE is giving me a sign -  TOUGH UP young lady (note the word 'young' here!). So, I submit.... I went on camping cum diving trip and guess what I did FANTASTIC!!! I cook, I clean, I bath at public open-air toilet, I did everything - PROUD! By the way, for those who assume I am gonna be a diva; TET!!! Think again, I am an ex-girl guide lah.... Hahhahahha.... I've camp, trek, river crossing etc before.

I called up Bobo, ex-senior scout, and he said pick up his tent anytime. I heart all brother scouts! And red/pink in colour, very very gurlie! Hahahahha....

They insisted to be in my blog. Helpful lot, thank you guys.

That is Haris, a 16 years old diver - the youngest. Very independent, go Haris go!

We were asked to set our own gear on our own and the ideal time should be 5mins top! Me? I did my first round at 15mins, I disappoint myself. One need to know how to set up their own gear without any help from their buddy, no laughing matter yah. Noted, my future buddy!

Don't you just envy our camp site. Heaven!

Baby, Atira and Botak! New friend, new experience, new awesomeness!

My face after vomiting.... Hahhahahha.... (briefing session).

PASSED!!!!! Woot woot!

Mabul Jom!


Diana Diane Teo said...

Congratulation to you Lily. I have yet to apply my diving license. Oh no!!1

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

...ur face after vomited--tak nampak mcm org sakit pun. haha..anyway congrats lily. i like how u explained your 'real' feeling..

Anonymous said...

congrats! best nyerr

Sandy said...

Looks like you had a good time. I've camped and hiked alot...when I was younger. Haven't heard from you in awhile, do swing by for a visit.

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