Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pasar Karat Lokin / Ipoh Memory Lane (Antique Flea Market)

Ipoh have changed, I  screamed
As the bus enter the city scene

Oh! How excited I am
To walk down Ipoh’s Memory Lane
Yeah I know, this sound very VERY lame!

Pasar Karat Lokin I was told
Where antiques and pre-loved items, being sold
Tengok-tengok, looking-looking
Once like, cepat buying!

What surprises me the most
The town people; the host
Friendly, bubbly and chatty
Throwing themselves to me….
…to be photographed, you naughty!!!
*Smile cheekily J*

Snap here, snap there
Snap everywhere
I don’t care, I just wanna share

Colour, drama or black and white?
Oh my! I couldn’t decide
Then it finally hit me
What I want is the olskool feel

A #DiscoverPerak2013 trip in collaboration with #GayaTravel.


deeja said...

brg2 lama ,tinggi nilainya masa la niiii..

Janggel / Rain said...

Wow gambar b & W

Zilla said...

ada borong apa2 tak, Lily? kamera ke? hehehe

Lily Riani said...


Kannnn.... inai tuh klasik sangat


gi tapah makan kat guesthouse, sodap. bila nak jemput kiterang lagi. (reply yg kluar topic)


hahahah tak!!! dont mind tho. kene repeat nih... sgt suka tpt iniiiiiii

Lann said...

Love the Chopper bicycle! I owned one during my childhood years. Nak kena pegi Pasar Karat nih..hmm

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