Friday, April 12, 2013

My DIVING Exam (island mode). TOMORROW!!!


Yup! That's me alrighty!!! Wouldn't you?

As excited as I am scared at this point of time, I guess I have to leave it to God.

It started when Farah asked me whether I wanted to join her and a bunch of her friends for a dive course, obviously I said yes especially when Anna, Wahidah, Stephen etc etc etc (yeah almost all of my friends and colleagues) are all qualified divers since like... forever! Then I remembered Byya too wanted to take up diving, hemm..... great! I have diving 2 buddies who are also a blogger, PERFECT!

This is when I sign my money away..... but I am sure it'll be worth it. Now my island trips will be more fulfilling. Ceh wah... Or is it foolfeeling? Hahhahah..... Either way, I am ok.

Apparently my name is already listed for April dive exam. I haven't even started my first class yet. Oh wait! I haven't even register YET!

Panic button! Panic button!  Houston, we have a problem!

Lesson one : "SCUBA" is an acronym for Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus 

(Sila ingat yea murid-murid)

Must remember and inform my dive buddy about my problem.

Buddy, PLEASE TAKE NOTE yah! Heheheheee...

Noted! Fully noted!

First lesson was interesting, even picking my flippers was interesting. Size versus shape versus COLOUR, divenista much? 

Our scary gear.

Zaharah was helping me understanding what is BCD.

From Wikipedia :
A buoyancy compensator also called a buoyancy control device, BC, BCD, stabilizer, stabilisor, stab jacket, wing or ABLJ depending on design, is a piece of diving equipment containing a bladder which is worn by divers to establish neutral buoyancy underwater and positive buoyancy on the surface, when needed. The buoyancy is controlled by adjusting the volume of air in the bladder.

Pak Hamid teaching us beginners the basic. I am already panic at this point.

Oh yah! Did I tell you that my class was conducted at the Airforce base, ramai sungguh abang-abang airforce. Hahhahhaha.....

Told you it is at the Airforce base.

Took me one whole day of pool lesson and apparently I was the fastest, some took 2 days, some even more. But what I did not practice was the bouyancy, confirm kantoi! Sigh..... May the force be with me. InsyaAllah.

You probably wonder (even if you don't, I willingly tell you this), why Lily so eagerly wanted to take this diving course. Well, because I want to visit here (below) one day for I want to see God's greatest beauty in the ocean!

The picture is abit blurry, why not you click on this link HERE and then you will understand. Picture courtesy of Sipadan Water Village Resort.

JOM! Dive!


Farikica said...

Good Luck, Lily...:) Think of Mabul, Sure u'll be fine punya...

tasyha3 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tasyha3 said...

Lily - enjoy deep blue sea breathtaking view nanti..

p/s: When u dive at sipadan, there no other deep blue sea can beat the scenery. Trust me.. hehhee

winawin said...

I've tried DSD dekat Mabul.. Masya Allah.. the underwater view is magnificent!

So, all the best & good luck Lily!

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