Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Running Season Again

It’s the running season again.

Of late my twitter timeline are all about running events, Standard Chartered Run, Olympic Day Run, 2XU Compression Run and many more. And if it is not a run, it’ll be hiking or trekking; Gunung Kinabalu, Mesilau Trail and recently Mt. Stong International Climbathon. I guess I do have a bunch of active (hyper) friends, perhaps I too should participate in these runs and indirectly build my stamina for my traveling needs.

I have problem in finding a sports shoe that fits me comfortably and perfectly for my biggest problem is my arch. This is where TevaSphere latest spherical heel and pod-arch system helps the needs of the outdoor enthusiast, its technology able to deliver a more natural point of impact and stability on varied terrain which able to assist my problem without restricting my freedom of movement.

As for me, being an active traveler and adrenaline junkie who chooses flashpacking as my traveling style and adding outdoor activities in my journey, I need the best combination of hiking, walking or running shoe which TevaSphere represents the best combination of performance and stability. The Spider365 Rubber provides tight grip in wet environments for runners, hikers and trekkers, where else TevaSphere Speed features quick-dry materials, keeps water out and also wicks sweat away from feet, keeping them dry inside and out.

Want to check it out? Available at World of Sports outlet nationwide, retailing at RM459.00. Let's start practicing.
Run, Lily, run!

* This is an advertorial write-up.


Jard The Great said...

wow.. one expensive shoes!

hanie said...

selesa kat kaki..baru la sedap nak dak..hehe

Sandy said...

I'm a hard to fit shoe person too, with a high arch and am on my feet alot at work. Found Mizuno's to be fabulous. Good for narrow feet too which is my other problem. Another great thing is what socks...give Features a try, it's almost like your foot is being massaged as you walk/run.

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