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Day 4b | Searching for Morning Sun [YwaMa Floating Market & Kella Village)

Inle Lake was planned with sunrise and sunset in mind.

We start our day as early as 7am waiting excitedly for the boatman to come and pick us up from our hotel. The great thing about Inle is that most hotels provide this service - sightseeing. One need not go far nor hunt high and low searching for activities or operators.

Asking the hotel staff on weather, expectation, distance, duration etc; we figure we should start packing (sounded big trip huh) the night before. Few tips that I would like to share with travelers : SUNBLOCK (crucial unless your intention is to get a beautiful tan *smile*), jacket/cardy (if you plan to take the sunrise excursion), cap, sunnies, water and snacks (aside from camera [and spare battery!]).

We stayed for half an hour or so taking the sunrise pictures with Inle's famous leg rowing fisherman of Intha tribe from Intha Tibetan-Burmese ethnic. The experience was breathtaking, as seen HERE. If you plan to visit Inle, sunrise would be the best time as it is Inle Lake signature attraction.

Not long after, we arrived at the Ywama Floating Market where most houses is on stilt including their public toilet (don't worry, I shall elaborate later *cheeky grin*). 

The first ray of morning sun shines over the market where locals busy putting up their stalls, cooking simple snacks to sell to morning dwellers, boat owners hoping for business and then; there's us 4 silly girls in need to do our 'small business' urgently.

Similar to Malaysia cucuq rakyat/sayur.

We asked our boatman the where about of little ladies room and he pointed to us (top picture), I believe the first impression of the first sight was "WHAT???" (sungguh orang bandar!), followed by "ERR....". Few things I was trying hard to phantom, can the stilt withstand my weight? (Haha...) Will the wall collapse? Is there water inside? Tissue?... No easy task I tell you that.

We managed to complete our 'small business' with some rare taichi skill and strong 'kuda-kuda' as what P.Ramlee would say. 'Hey guys, the market view is great from here but my camera is with you guys' and 'I can see you pee-pee going into the drain' were the conversation we had (sharing too much maybe?). Hahhahaa... If it is not because of the queue, I would have taken a second 'helping' together with my camera! And I would have more stories to write in this blog of mine.

Somehow I love how the sun hits every decorative stalls, every happy faces and all the sacred temples that morning. It felt like 'Here you go Lily, it's your day today' moment... Everything was perfect down to the locals asking Fie whether she wants to purchase 'you know what'. Epic joke that one!

Marketing. Where it all starts.

Visiting local markets and being among them are probably one of my quirks or perhaps all travelers favourite past time too. Not to mention browsing thru the decorative ornaments which is at abundance here... One thing I realised is that the ornaments here are similar to those of their neighbouring countries but anyway, my first target is fridge magnets, lame I know.

Here is a piece that fascinates me, according to the local this headgear is made of buffalo tooth.

Kela Village was our next destination, a quick one but memorable one as this was the first time I met with a long neck tribe. As much as I am impress and intrigue I was actually scared, I didn't even dare to go near. Serious.

I wasn't sure which to focus, the person or the weaving skill. A tough one.

They are very quiet, shy perhaps.

Fridge magnets - wood and mother of pear(?).

Yes, you fridge magnet lover out there, this is one of the place where you can get them, abit expensive though but it comes with nice pouch.

I manage to roam and wander behind the showcase area, truly mesmerise with the area and what caught my eyes was that it is very clean, very. The stilt house was built in an orderly and grid manner, I was hoping to see kids running around for me to catch a few shots but it was a quiet little village, too early perhaps?


I guess I am beginning to fall in love with this country every minute, even while writing this. The next destination is quite interesting as it requires us to do a little trekking.

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That fridge magnet tue unique gile. It must be hand carved kan? Come with a nice pouch? Another plus point there.

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