Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Chinese New Year in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Stuck in Kuala Lumpur during Chinese New Year?
Don't know what to do?
Are the shops or attractions open?

Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year is a celebration welcoming the spring. In Asia, it is celebrated in countries with significant Chinese populations such as China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. Some of these countries observe from one to three days of public holidays where by most of the shops or attractions will be closed starting from the eve right to the third day of Chinese New Year. As it is based on Chinese lunar calendar hence the date is not fixed, travelers are advised to check before embarking their journey and to plan well especially during the first few days. Having said that, it can work well to the travelers benefit. How? Read below suggestions *smile*.

Visit the Temple(s)
Drop by a Chinese temple(s) as it is beautifully decorated during this festive season; the lanterns are all up, ang pau hung at lemon trees (kid you not), families give offering to their ancestor and praying for prosperity for the upcoming year.

Ang pau hung at lemon trees.

Thean Hou Temple is one of the must visit temple if you are in Kuala Lumpur, it is built by the Hainanese community and it is dedicated to Tian Hou Goddess. Located near Mid Valley Mall, one need to take a taxi to reach here as it is situated on Robson Hill overlooking Kuala Lumpur skyline. Try coming here at sunset to enjoy the city view as well as the beautifully lighted up lanterns.

Thean How Temple
Address : 65 Persiaran Endah, Taman Persiaran Desa, Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 603 2274 7088
Entrance Fee : FREE 

Chinese Lantern Showcase
I just found out about it this year and I highly encourage everyone to pay a visit to Fo Guang Shan (FGS) Dong Zen Temple in Jenjarom, Banting. Dong Zen temple celebrates Chinese New Year with a lantern showcase every year and the theme goes according to the animal zodiac. This showcase lasted for 15 days or through out the celebration.

Wishing tree.

How to get here? If you are from Kuala Lumpur, take the Kesas highway and head towards Klang, after the 3rd toll, take the Banting exit on your left and drove for another 10-15 minutes. You will see few FGS Dong Zen Temple signage along the road hence not to worry, upon seeing MyMydin shop of your left, you will need to keep to you right immediately where by you will see a KK Mart on your right, right at the traffic light. Turn right (at the Police Station/Jalan Sungai Buaya) and you are there *smile*.

FGS Dong Zen Temple
Address : Jalan Sungai Buaya, Jenjarom, Banting, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel : 603 3191 1533
Entrance Fee : FREE  

Lion Dance Show
What is Chinese New Year without Lion Dance right! Drop by any mall in city centre, you'll bound to catch them performing. Trust me on this, I watched 3 shows in a day while strolling in the mall. And it will be greater if you get to watch the one where they perform on stilts, it is really an impressive balancing act. The Chinese believed that the lion dance brings good luck and wealth to their business.

Gymnast lion at work.

This one was performed outside of Starhill on the sixth day of Chinese New Year. Despite that Wushu and Lion Dance Club is available in my secondary school and that they practice weekly, I still enjoy watching it again and again till now. It's too entertaining to give it a miss.

Lion Dance Show
Address : At most shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur
Entrance Fee : FREE  

Mall Hopping
You will be surprised of the malls' decor, it looks as if there's a mall decor competition going on. Some malls' decor are more elaborate than the other, and you will never be bored with it. As for the theme, it is according to the animal zodiac which makes it even more fun.

Animal zodiac decor in shopping malls.

The bigger the mall, the fancier the decor, thus the trick is to visit those big malls such as Suria KLCC, Pavillion, Mid Valley, One Utama and etc. Not to worry if you feel weird doing mall hopping as us locals do the same as seen on the picture above *smile*. At times, you can even sample local titbits shared by the mall operators.

Mall Hopping
Address : At most shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur
Entrance Fee : FREE  


Still worried of traveling to Malaysia during Chinese New Year?
Hope this will put your mind at ease, visit us anytime of the year, there are bound to be an activity for you.


Jari Manis said...

Wow...meriah..TAPI JM balik kg within this celebration :-)

Unknown said...

lantern kt jenjarum tu mcm best je..

Lily Riani said...

Jari Manis,

JM orang mana? Gi weekday pun ok actually, tak ramai orang.


I kinda like it, selalu gi yg kat SG in September, never knew MY pun ada. Free entrance fee but rides tuh kena bayar kot. 16acres of land and ada rusa (cam Nara's rusa). You can eat seafood kat Bagan Lalang (dekat ke?) then followed by tempat ni. Tutup lewat malam.

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