Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Red and White Sand Dunes of Mui Ne, Vietnam

THIS is it!
THIS was why I picked Vietnam.
THIS was why I decided on Mui Ne.

Wouldn't you?

The Red Sand Dunes

Overlooking the blue Mui Ne sea certainly gives this red sand dunes a breathtaking feeling, shops with hammock selling icy cold drinks was an advantage to tourist like me who can't bare the hot afternoon sun. The main activity here is sledding and you'll see kids renting their sled from the parking lot right till the sand dunes top, calling and attracting us tourist. Despite our initially thought of wanting to help these kids to earn an extra living, they are, however, smarter than any of us when it comes to negotiating and persuading (and conning). Don't be fooled.

For one to get a cool, long and high speed slide down, one need to climb higher and where I say climb, I mean really climb. High, tough, tiring climb. One thing for sure, the view up there is awesome even if you don't intend to sled.

And the annoying part is, whatever goes down, must come up. And no one enjoyed this part.

Negotiate the lowest most you can
The kids will insist you tip them highly after the sledding
The kids can be obnoxious when persuading you to tip them
Sunblock and hat a must
Protect your phone and cameras from sand
Wear slippers (I hate it when sand gets in my shoes)

PS : Budak-budak tu akan tolong you naik bukit lepas tu insist you tips diarang tinggi, then marah-marah, bahasa pun agak kasar.

The White Sand Dunes

This is one of the famous view if you are in Mui Ne and we managed to capture it.

Our next stop was the white sand dunes and to our joy, they offer ATV ride here and like a kid we jump to the opportunity. ATV ride at the sand dunes makes me feel like an adventurer in a making; Indiana Jones! Where's my whip?

The ride is not as challenging as those I've experienced (jungle) before, yet the instructor drove us, perhaps worried that we might hijack his ATV? Hahhahahha... My expectation is that the instructor will ride at a high speed, then break and skid (drift) while cornering (Yeah, I watched too many movies)... Dream on Lily! That will never happen. Never. Having said that, the climb up the sand dunes was thrilling and we even chased the cattle with the ATV. That was the coolest experience ever!

This was the reason why the instructor don't trust us. This ATV belongs to Andrea and Jard (siapa yang berat nih?).

The climb.

One of their worries, we might drove the ATV down the lake. Ahaks.

When traveling, company is important.

Get a fun instructor who will chase cattle with you
Get an instructor that will go the extra mile and take you wondering around the area
Sunblock and hat a must
Protect your phone and cameras from sand
Shoe is preferred (safety reason)


Jari Manis said...

Liliy, teringat bare foot friend buat show kat sini..yeah corret company is important..kalau di Lancerlin...white sand...panas ke sejuk pasir tu..kalau di lancerlin wlpun cuaca panas..pasir halus tu sejuk jeee

Unknown said...

nak pegi jugak..tapi dah burn tiket arituu :(

Unknown said...

I got to know about this place from one of the Korea variety show. Nak pegi sangat2. My good friend went here last year. Memang utmost fun he said. Kena cuba ni nanti.

Lily Riani said...


Lancelin was my first experience as well, sana guna board betul, best giler. I naik 4x4 bus lak tuh.... syok giler.


yea ke? awat burn? why why why???


gi ler, sini murah ok! nak gi nnt hambaq mai, a few places you kena cover yang i termis out.

Khai said...

Kagum sebenarnya, macam mana pasir2 ni boleh end up kat sini? haha

Lily Riani said...


wallahualam... jom kutip buat sand dune kat Malaysia. ehhehehe....

Cantiknyapurple said...

lily, perlu berapa hari?

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