Friday, May 8, 2015

Fajar DiBukhara (Book Signing)

I am proud of my friend.
I am privileged to know you.

It said that this is a very unique story to tell, not just about the book but the writer herself, Marini Mat Zain. The book was inspired by the script she wrote for a TV drama and later was requested to be turned into a novel. As the trend nowadays is that most TV drama or movie is a spin-off from a popular book makes #FajarDiBukhara a very unique journey to this talented novelist as it the other way around. This itself shows the strength of the drama series which will be aired during the month of Ramadhan, the 26 episodes take viewers to Uzbekistan where 80% of this drama series were film at.

Novelist Marini has always dreamt of becoming a writer, started her career in magazines later stylist, editor, script writer and now novelist, she has gone far, further than she even dreamt of. Devoted to her passion, Marini pour her heart and soul to produce this beautiful script where nothing eludes her writing and everything heartfelt detail was taken into account.

Teaming up with Zizan Nin, Actor and also the Executive Producer for Fajar DiBukhara, this is one series that is not to be missed.

Courtesy of YouTube.

All the best Marini, and hope more drama, movies and novel to come.
Believe in yourself.

** Lepas ni cerita travelerlah pulak, make sure I ada dalam cerita. Hahhahahhaa....
*** I will make sure my trip to Uzbekistan materialise *smile* 

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