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I found my Wolverine in Ranua Zoo, an Arctic Zoo (Part 2)

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Ranua Zoo, an Arctic Zoo of the Lapland (Part 1)

There are 2 things I was looking for aside from those mentioned in my earlier entry, which is.... jeng jeng jeng... Polar Bear and Wolverine!

Before I start, you guys need to know this facts about Rania Zoo (bangga okay I dapat pergi)

Ranua Wildlife Park (Finnish: Ranuan eläinpuisto, better known as Ranua Zoo) is a zoo that opened in 1983 in the municipality of Ranua, Lapland, Finland. It is the northernmost zoo in the world. The zoo's animals consist of approximately 50 wild animal species and 200 individuals, including top predators such as lynx, brown bears and wolves but also European moose and deers. The zoo has Finland's only polar bears in artificial snow. The Ranua Wildlife Park is an accredited member of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA).

From Wikipedia

My first thought (and always) is that polar bear are chubby, fluffy, friendly and of course cute. Boy, was I wrong about this, they were nothing like what I imagined. What they actually are flabby, not snow white and fierce, oh! they are also a carnivore. You heard me alright, which means..... they can eat us. And do you know that in Svalbard, there are more polar bear than us human? I am so not going there man.... that's like suicidal. Full respect to Azuan Zahri as he and his lovely wife are brave enough to step foot on Svalbard, wanna know more? Visit his blog HERE.

Polar Bear 
Polar bears are the largest land carnivores in the world, rivaled only by the Kodiak brown bears of southwestern Alaska. Polar bears sit at the top of the food chain in the biologically rich Arctic. The most carnivorous of the bear species, polar bears feed primarily on the fat of ice-dependent seals. The remains of these seals provide food for many other Arctic wildlife species, giving polar bears a vital role in their ecosystem.

Scary much now?

Aaahhh... I was pratically hopping when I saw this sign. I have never seen a wolverine live and this is my greatest opportunity, not that I have seen the other Wolverine live either (Hugh Jackman), hahhahahaaa....

Yes, This. Is. Wolverine.
Nothing. Like. Saber tooth. Nothing!

With a name like wolverine, my expectation was wolf with toughness and meanness, like The Wolverine from X-Men. I was so wrong. They were so cute running around playfully that now I have no respect for the wolverine character. Dang!!!

You know what happened? 
While I was trying to get the wolverine to look up (of which I fail successfully with flying colours!), not sure how to "address" it, we start calling "Hugh Jackman! Hugh Jackman" which made the visitors behind us chuckled. Sure dia kata budak-budak Malaysia nih merapu. Hahahahahhaaa... Truthfully, they were fully entertained by us. Keh keh keh....

Other animals at the Ranua Zoo is those animals your kinda expected, plenty of all deer species.

This is one animal that I did not expect to see nor have any expectation at all and I fell in love the first time I laid my eyes on this beautiful, regal, sleekest creature. Of all the white arctic animals I saw during my trip here, Arctic Fox is the most beautiful one in my eyes.

I was quite lucky as there is also a mini/little Igloo Bar in Ranua Zoo, hence we do not spend any additional dollars to experience 'lepaking' in an Igloo Bar, How untung is that!

And you know what else is untung to visit this place?

Ahhhh.... Make sure you read my next entry *wink*


Farah said...

I never know that wolverine is actually existed in this world.

Unknown said...

eee syoknye tgk all white mcm ni..mesti aqilah suka sgt2! boleh la dia pakai winter glove & jacket dia ha..kesian tiap2 ari berlakon sejuk dlm bilik dia tu hahaha

Azuan said...

Best giler kot Zoo ni. Part paling i suka about your trip up north is this unique zoo.

SAmbil baca and tgk gambar u pun rasa sejukkkkkk hahaha

Anyway thanks for mentioning my blog! Please la include Svalbard in your list next time ure in Scandi. :)

Nanatron said...

Alah ganba wolverine you jauh sgt...
Kene googled actual pic neh.
Agree with Farah, i also dont know that actual wolverine exists !

More stories of this zoo ... Seronok tgk animals !

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