Sunday, June 28, 2015

Clam Digging (Kutip Kepah) in Kampung Mangkuk, Setiu

This. Is. Interesting.
I guess I can checked clam digging from my list of ‘adventurous thing to do’.
Adventurous? No!

Unique? Yes! To orang Bandar cam I lah… seronok giler kot. Cer try…

20 minutes earlier.

The tourism folks told be us that we have 1 hour time to kill, just about then, I saw kampung kids (village kids) of Kampung Mangkuk in Setiu (the best place in Terengganu) riding bicycle keliling kampung. Ish! This is almost like a dare to me (tsk tsk tsk), tak boleh jadi ni. I remembered saying out loud I want to ride the bicycle, it’ll be so much fun! And guess who answered me (more like accepted by challenge)? Ruggedmom!!! Mom hokkay, apa jadi ngan budak-budak muda sekarang (gitew)! We walk towards the kids and ask permission for their bikes, the first thing they did was laugh and said “Bicycle takde brake, akak boleh ke?”. “Huh!?!” Memang tak boleh ler tapi I jawab dalam hati jer lah, cakap kuat-kuat kang malu lak. I told them it’s dangerous to ride without a brake taking into consideration some kids were very short, well; kids height basically. “Tahan ngan kaki jer lah” replied them while continue laughing. Ceritanya, belum sempat I tahan ngan kaki confirm jatuh dulu kan. Tak leh jadi ni… daku kuciwa.

Ruggedmom came to my rescue! She called me and said “JOM”, I turn around and saw her with a motorbike (motor siapa lah mommy ni sapu, hehheheheee…. Naik dulu, fikir later). What else but to run to her and hop on the bike “while we were ‘cruising’ I asked her whose bike was this, she said one of the pakcik, then I said “Tak tau lak you ada lessen motor”….. hehhehehheee…. *wink*. This was when we saw the kampung scene, the serene beach, gazing sheep, we even spoke to some of the locals. After about 15-20 mins we decided to ride back to the jetty.

They were gone when we arrive at the jetty! They left 15 mins earlier, we missed the boat?

The story goes. Now.

While Ruggedmom return the bike, I ran (like a lunatic) to the jetty folks and asked for all the boats (making sad face lah, harap belas kasihan) and the kind tourism folks head us and said that we can take the extra boat. Our luck! Not only we manage to get a boat, I got a chatty pak cik as well! Memang interview bagai nak rak lah kannnnn….

Those that know me by now, would noticed how I love rides, train, bus, boat etc. And this boat ride was so calming. The journey was about 10 mins or not to the clam digging area.

Those that know me by now, would noticed how I love rides, train, bus, boat etc. And this boat ride was so calming. The journey was about 10 mins or not to the clam digging area. 

Diggers! Diggers! Diggers!

Gold nye mana? Hhehehhehee… happy clam diggers at sight! And I think they truly enjoyed clam digging. I seriously think so.

This is clam/kepah. 

This is NOT clam/kepah

Tsk tsk tsk. This many heh *sarcasm*. 

For those curious few, below are the list of what you need for professional clam digging.
  • Hand shovel
  • Bucket
  • Waterproof layers and boats· Rubber boots

What fun people need for clam digging
  • Hand and leg (as in bare hand)
  • Bucket
  • Good and fun mood

Choose the latter of course *wink*. Hahhahaaaa…

One must know that clam digging requires a lot of skill, especially dancing - one need to do a ‘Get a Jiggy With It’ dance. Noooooo…. Don’t get me wrong, while you are dancing, your feet will move and gently shove/dig the sand bed and the moment you feel your feet brushes the clam shell, then all you need is to bend down and pick it up. See! Easy peasy right? Try it.

It does help if the song itself was blasting out loud, I bet we digged more clam this way. Perhaps I should highlight this ever so smart idea to Tourism Terenggany. #eh #tetiba

Ni kita panggil bot rempit. Heehhehehee.... 

So, the next big question pop up, what do you do with all the clams?

Masak lah! Hahhahahhahaa….

On a serious note (ceh wahhh).

Clam digging are largely done by the female member in a household, as the task perform are considered as easy and not to stressful. The female can do it at their free time and still rush home to take care of their family, it is treated as a side income as well as a meal source for the locals. There are a few popular clam dish in Setiu district that the non-locals might not be aware, such as Kepah Masak Lemak, Kepah Serai Bercili, Kepah Berlada Daun Limau Purut and etc.

There is no specific clam season according to the pak cik as it is available all year round, having said that, you can easily find more clam from April to August, this seems to be their season.

Curious now?
Wanna experience the same?

Head to Kampung Mangkuk in Setiu and arrange with the locals there.

Note :

Terengganu International Squid Jigging Fest 2015 or Pesta Candat Sotong Antarabangsa Terengganu 2015 is sponsored by the state government of Terengganu, this annual squid jigging carnival aims to introduce as well as relive the old tradition that was once livelihoods for many along the coast of Terengganu between April and August each year.

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