Sunday, November 8, 2015

Swedish Museum of Natural History

I paid a bomb for this.

Money well spent.

I told myself that I should cover a few museums (different type of museums during this trip) and I did just that. We covered few free museums in Norway, Swedish Museum of Natural History in Stockholm and Fram Museum on Finland. And I have to say, worth every penny. I personally feel that one should at least visit one museum in a trip to better know their culture, history or just look at how they curate a museum. So far, I have no complaints in this 3 Scandinavia countries I visited, in fact I highly encourage you to do the same. One tip being, google free entrance fee museums, there bound to be a few for you to discover.

There are 2 types of museum, one being interactive and the one is a living museum of which I also covered Stockholm – Skansen (to read more, click HERE). The other one I visited was the one in Romania which is also pretty cool I must say.

There are 9 permanent exhibitions about nature and the development of mankind that one can experience here, showcasing on the universe and the earth, animals and plants. Aside from this, they also have this cool IMAX-3D-dome film at the Cosmonova, you can choose one of these film - Mysteries of the Unseen World, Galapagos, Journey to the South Pacific and Astronomy x2. Do tale note that the tix is a bit pricey but if you are those that enjoy a walk in a museum, then this would be fun especially if you have your kids with you. 

When we were there, there were an exhibition on owls, little did I know there are so many types of owl and I did manage to learn a thing or two on their habitats, habits and etc. And some of them are so beautiful and regal. Kinda explain why Harry Porter/Hogwart chooses owl as pet.

Their Human and Animal section was amazing, most kids linger at this area, very educational. I think Malaysia should have one similar, I don’t mind being a curator. #serious

It covers from dinosaur era to mankind, none was left out – the animal and human body, bones, cells and even the carpet print! They make it fun and interactive thus creates and increase interest and able to sustain children short attention span. The leisure area for parents or family to hang-out nearby was comfortable too but I doubt they would want to sit, I saw a lot of the parents were enjoying themselves too.

We were also being educated on minerals – colours, type, location, effect and usage. I came out feeling smart (providing I remember all the detail and facts, Ahaks).

I have to say, the 2 showcase that excites me are the Life In Water and a Human Journey. The earlier shows how this animal can grow in size which is pretty big and awesome (and scary). Where else the Human Journey showcase was rather interesting especially on the interactive portion, it actually guides youngster and adults in what is restricted, endanger, extinct and etc. Pretty good I feel.

Aside from these, there are also showcase on human evolution, climate change, antartica etc.

Since our interest and priorities are different, both Wahidah and I split and ventured into this natural-history-maze-wonderland  on our own and met back  at the entrance on Cosmonova. 

#TravelTips 1 : If you wish to cover this massive compound, give and take half a day.

#TravelTips 2 : And perhaps bring your own snacks if you are traveling on low budget. It is kinda far and the food at the museum is pretty expensive (for Asian travelers especially).

#TravelTips 3 : You can purchase your tix via cash or credit card

#TravelTips 4 : It is cheaper to get a combo – museums and Cosmonova

#TravelTips 5 : It is cheaper if you have Stockholm card

#TravelTips 6 : Bring an earphone to listen to English translation at Cosmonova, else you are required to pay KR15 for an earphone. OR you have to listen in Swedish (Ahaks).

Regular hours
Tuesday-Friday 10-18
Saturday, Sunday             11-18

Extended hours, holidays

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