Friday, March 11, 2016

Frankfurter in Frankfurt. And it's Halal!

Was browsing my Germany photos and realized I hardly (well 1 blog entry todate) blog about my trip. I guess there’s nothing much for you to blog about if you did a layover trip. Well, there was the Frankfurt old town and the factory outlet, that’s about it. For me at least.
Insisting myself to blog about Germany makes me relook al the whole Germany album. Ah hah! Found it. This will be a text heavy entry (which is quite rare for so I hope you read thru lah), enjoy….

As usual, when I travel, one of the main issue will be food; finding halal food to be exact. Of course alternatively I can go for pure vegetarian food, seafood, pork free and kosher (not in any particular order), but my first options will be halal food. The same goes for my layover city – Frankfurt. Having stopping here for less than 24 hours enroute to Balkan, I didn’t put any stress on it, maggi me will do. Yes, am simple liddat.

You know what? Was I wrong. Very wrong. So very very wrong.

“When you least expected, it’ll spellbound you. Always.” True?

Our journey begin when we arrived Frankfurt am Main Flughafen Fernbahnhof; the main train station, a short walk to the hotel we were staying. As I walk and look around, getting familiar with the surrounding I soon realized that there were a couple of halal shops, all within 5-10 minutes walking distance. I remembered saying to myself “I beginning to like Frankfurt, I underestimated this city”, obviously after the journey outskirt to the factory outlet, I told myself to revisit this city. A definite must.

Since halal restos are at abundance here, I do not need to ration my Brahim food stock *wink*, the days we were in Frankfurt, we will eat out.

I only have one concern though, frankfurter! I am in Frankfurt so obviously I should try their frankfurters. As we walk into the old town, Anna was leaping with joy “I must try this and this and that!” and I was only hoping to see a halal frankfurter stall/cart. Almost feeling disappointed, I saw this young chap selling frankfurters in green shirt, green container and green umbrella instead of the colourful rainbow coloured umbrella. Curiosity took over, and I made a beeline over and saw the word I was looking for “HALAL”, “Yeszaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…” I told myself (masa tuh rasa nak buat lompatan berpusing macam ‘Moero Attack’ hokkay). I told him what I want and eagerly waited. Snapped a few pictures *proud moment*.

Makanya… the taste?!?

Its ok, yummy but takde lah sampai termimpi-mimpi nak makan 3 juta kali lagi. Hehhehehhehe…..

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