Sunday, March 6, 2016

Bamboo Rafting at Ulu Hati, Hulu Langat

I have the chance to visit UluHati that I have been reading for the last 2-3 years, the name itself sounded full of passion and mysterious, a sense of curiosity swept over the first time I read the name and it still does. It was proven when I recce-d the place and met up with En. Shaipudin Shah Harun or Pak Din, a passionate pensioner, the mastermind and creator behind UluHati.

With an objective to create a place away from the hustle and bustle of city life (just an hour away from Kuala Lumpur), be closer to the greenery, and help the locals to create a sustainable income while preserving mother-nature. UluHati was created with love and passionate.

Everything was well thought through, from accommodation, to teambuilding activities to mentoring youngsters, to mention a few.

During Eat. Travel. Write Hulu Selangor edition, we were given an opportunity to experience bamboo rafting, an activity most looked forward by us. Working together with the locals in sourcing for the bamboo, building the raft and managing the whole raft course is a common practice by Pak Din. They work hand-in-hand seamlessly. We were split into 6 team with minimum 2 person per raft (excluding instructor) and followed the river downstream. The journey was calm and peaceful and participants get to enjoy the morning sun, and flora and fauna. A rare sight for us ‘budak bandar or city kids’. Ahaks. 

Water activity is not your thing? Worry not, there’s always hose riding, camping and ATV. Or perhaps you prefer to laze and enjoy the sound of nature while embracing a bit of vitamin C (something that I would love to do. Definiately.). As for food, one can always request or cater for all day dining from UluHati, or just drive to the nearest kampung and enjoy a bit of local delicacy which covers authentic dishes from the Jawa, Minang, Mandaling and Kerinci.

So, would I recommend UluHati for everyone?
The answer is YES. I highland recommend for you (and me) city folks, after all, it is only an hour away *smile*.

Lot 2668, Kampung Kuala Perdik
Jalan Ulu Lui, Batu 18
43100, Selangor

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