Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Canopy Walk - KL Tower, Malaysia

As a child, I remember clearly the cable car at Bukit Nanas, one I kept telling all my friends and not many believed me. Perhaps only the locals know, it was a ‘once upon a time’ story of Kuala Lumpur - Bukit Nanas.

A trip down the memory lane, reminisce my younger days of how I longed to ride on Bukit Nanas cable car as Genting Highland seems so far away those days. That was in the early 80s, the cable car project shut down making way for urban development and modernity. Today, I get to write what was long gone, I get to write how it is now, on the new KL Tower that marks Kuala Lumpur, and last but not least, the canopy walk replacing the memories of the famed cable car. 

Formerly known as Bukit Gombak, it was later changed to Bukit Nanas after the infamous clashes between rival clans and warlord, according to history, there was a fort located here unfortunately nothing remains of it today. So, how this hill got its new name; Bukit Nanas? It is also said that they planted pineapples or “nanas” in Malay to deter attackers, thus the name Bukit Nanas. 

There are so many version of the story, it became even more interesting as I begin to write about this small patch of greenery in Kuala Lumpur concrete jungle. Another one that I fancied was that this use to me the home of the Malayan tiger and elephants, this jungle is still home to monkeys, pythons, squirrels, and monitor lizards. Gazetted as a permanent forest reserve in 1906, the land has been nibbled away slowly when KL Tower was being constructed in the 90’s. Now, only 9 hectares remains. 

KL Forest Eco-Park is the new name for whatever left of Bukit Nanas, 3 main attractions at this hill are being focused currently, namely the Canopy Skywalk and Sky Box at the Open deck aside from the existing Observation Deck, F1 Simulator, Pony Ride, KL Tower Animal Zone and 1 Malaysia Cultural Village.

As for outdoors activities, it covers Nature Trails, Jogging and Trekking Routes (Jelutong Trail, Penarahan Trail, Arboretum Trail), Timber Product Gallery, Herbal Garden, and one can also do self-picnic with friends and family or even camping (with prior permission of course). There’s an activity for everyone.

The whole canopy walk probably takes 30 mins with a few stops here and there to enjoy the view and photo moment, my only advice is to make you bring along a mosquito repellent and avoid dark colour clothes, after all it is a ‘forest’ *wink*. The sight at each tower gives a majestic view of Kuala Lumpur skyline (at parallel level though) with a touch of mother nature enveloping the city. 

You can look for the Information Centre that is located at Jalan Raja Chulan, it also has a small exhibit with some old photos and information of how Bukit Nanas was during its glorious years.

Visiting hours : 7.00am to 6.00pm
Fee : Free of Charge

Contact :
Forestry Department Peninsular Malaysia
Jalan Sultan Salahuddinn
50660 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 2026 4741 / 03 2616 4488
Fax: 03 2692 5657

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