Friday, June 3, 2016

Me’nate – From a Humble Beginning to Ramadhan Galore

Pronounced as “Mur-na-tay”; Me’nate is a Kelantanese slang word which means “animal”. ME’NATE steakhouse is popular among meatlovers, a place where one can select their own cuts of chilled meats and the chef will prepare it according to ones’ liking. The most well liked and famous dish is the Wagyu steak seasoned lightly with their secret recipe and cook to perfection.

I rarely get an invitation for a food review and yesterday I was called to replace/represent another friend of mine to sample some food for a Ramadhan Food Preview at Me'nate Steak Hub. I bet many have heard about their great food, I tried once at the Ampang Jaya branch and it was nice but never in my life tried their Ramadhan package (despite seeing their promos last year), so yesterday was my first time.

And my verdict?

Me’nate has been in the meat business for close to eight years, owned by once a butcher whom worked in United Kingdom for 10 years as master butcher chef to Queen Elizabeth II. As a professionally trained and qualified butcher, the Australia livestock is being slaughtered in-house, the meat is chilled (never frozen – to ensure the juiciness and tenderness intact), and packing is also being managed internally; thus ensuring only the best is served to their valued customers.

During this coming holy month of Ramadhan, Me’nate is offering their famous and popular Ramadhan package and I am among the lucky few that get to sample them, below are my favourite – Lamb Shoulder  and of course – WAGYU Spare Ribs! But worry not, their other meals are equivalently as delicious.

The Lamb Shoulder was lightly marinated hence it balanced well with Nasi Me’nate. The meat was superbly juicy that I ate it on its own, it tasted great even without the rice. The sauce that comes with the Lamb Shoulder made a great combination.

I have always love Wagyu and Kobe beef, knowing that it will be part of the Ramadhan menu is something a meat lover would look forward too. The beautifully marbled wagyu was simply mouthwatering, sweet and tasty at your first bite. A force to be reckon with I would say – for meat I mean. Couple with Me’nate very own secret recipe rice added the winning touch.

What perfected the Ramadhan package is the soft touch from the management in providing free flow of drinks, bubur lambuk Me’nate, dates, fruits and fresh fruits.

I tasted a few and these are the one that I feel in love with, if you are unable to make it during the month of Ramadhan. You can also drop by and get the chef to cook a dish of your liking. You won’t be disappointed. Trust me.

Well, I definitely didn’t.

Have a blessed  Ramadhan.

The Me’nate restaurants are located in Ampang, Setapak, Bangi and Wangsa Maju. The restaurants open daily from 11:00am to 11:30pm.

This Ramadhan Review is brought to you by Me’nate  Steak Hub.

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selamat berpuasa

AlexandraLuella said...

Looking at this blogpost thousand miles away from Home, Malaysia...not helping! Amazing post darling, it's making me so hungry! x

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