Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Kuala Lumpur Helicopter Ride - Ecstatic!!!

I always thought that my first heli ride will be somewhere very far and away. Very unique. Very different from the rides I’ve taken. But guess what? My ride happens to be at my own backyard, right here in Malaysia, the heartbeat of Malaysia to be more specific - Kuala Lumpur. A mere 10 minutes’ drive from my home. Great things happen to those who are patient and oh boy, I was very patient.

My one and only advise to those (1) haven’t seen KL from aerial view, (2) doubted KL skyline view (simply mesmerizing from up there hokkay) and (3) feel KL has nothing much to offer (oh boy! Aren’t you gonna be surprise) is that DO NOT underestimate Kuala Lumpur cause you’ll be shocked, surprised and impressed, all at the same time. That much I can tell you.

I have basically checked all the type of rides I ever wanted to take and am glad the heli ride is done here in KL. Achievement unlocks.

Here is basically how I felt before, during and after the trip. And obviously I highly recommend everyone to try. Once, at least.

The Before
I was super thrill (obviously lah kan) and since I saw Olive took the ride a day earlier plus the fact that I saw a couple of my friends experiencing this, I kinda formulate and strategize what I want to do and all. I even have an imaginary storyboard (that was how ecstatic I was a day earlier and that morning itself).

I have to make sure is my attire is office smart casual (as I have to come to office first prior to taking the ride), heli friendly (nothing dramatic and overly dress whatnot kan) and last but not least, it has to be comfortable and not over the top and yet look like some spoilt rich kid taking a heli ride instead of car during KL rush hour (sampai begitu skali my storyboard). The outcome… so-so only lah my style. Hehhehee…

You think that’s it? Nehhhh…. I even imagine the pose and angle (1) running in or out of the heli (just like those you see in a movie), (2) pic of me looking nonchalant of the ride as I have taken it so many times, the transport to go in the future – GrabHeli gitew (drama sangat) and  finally (3) me fiddling with the dashboard as if I was piloting it (this didn’t happen as I forgot to request for a front seat. Duh…).

As you guessed it, nothing of the above materialized BUT I did look good though (terubat jugak jiwa).

I have no running to heli pic - storyboardfail. Duh!
And this is NOT in a car hokkay (dalam kereta orang tak pakai earset besar gajah camni).

The During
Since all of the above failed, my expectation kinda diminished as well. I was supposed to do a couple videos from certain angle for me to show-off on my IG and I forgotten all about it (I did get a few footage lah, bukannya takde langsung). Dang!

Video aside, the view is breathtaking. What surprises me was that, you can see a lot of greenery from aerial view. Places that you didn’t know existed ie golf course right smack in the city (here I thought it was KDE but boy was I wrong), KLCC seems so near yet far, so small yet standing tall – huge, and the best was all our link road, highways looks beautiful from above. Seriously.

How to selfie on air - pout your lips!

This is the height. 

Ni tang mana pulak!?!?! I don't remember there's greenery in KL city. Hemmm...

The After
Upon getting down, we took a few more pics with the heli as backdrop. And you think it ends here? Nehhhhhh….

I have Heli-Ride-Hang-Over syndrome. HAHAHHAHAAA…. Every other day if not hour, I be rerunning the videos, or looking at the pics. Kept feeling that I should be posting all pics taken on IG, FB, Twitter etc. (Show-off itu penting). No, that is not enough. I forced my family and colleagues to check my pics out, insisting they should experience the same.

Worried that people might doubt I took a heli ride. That's me with KL Tower in teh background y'oulls.

Me all smiling (dah macam orang sewel dah).

Here is what I did in specific (1) encourage every Tom, Dick and Harry I met to try it, at least once in their life, (2) Shared the pics, vids and cost with marketing team, influencing them that high level event (eg. CxO level) should incorporate this into their GTM plan. I even passed some Ascend Sky Tour biz card to marketing team. A unique selling proposition. And (3) Push it to all my Social Media platform - semua orang wajib tau and cuba.

What are you waiting for?
Go try NOW!

Group pic with heli pilot (Hwas an after thought hence he was still in the heli. Storyboard fail. Yet again).

#JomTerbang Helicopter Ride is made possible and is in collaboration with Ascend Sky Tour and About KL with #GayaTravel as media coordinator.
#AscendSkyTour #AboutKL #GayaTravel

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