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Melaka Delicacy - Asam Pedas | #ICYDKMelaka

This is indeed very rare, hence I shall make it short, sweet and simple (probably 1 para with pics and I call it done. Hahhahhahahaa…. Giler pemalas)

A trip to Melaka ain’t complete until you try their famous dish – asam pedas. And I was waiting patiently for a trip to an asam pedas warung, I learnt that we get to eat the famous asam pedas and kari kambing. The kari kambing was new, I never knew that Melaka is famous for kari kambing, well…. Now I know. And it was rather delicious, if I may say so myself.

Sungai Tambak Merlang is popular and famous for its asam pedas and kari kambing power warungs. Along the wrong, you’ll find a few of the asam pedas and kari kambing warungs (stalls), all you need to do is pick one to try. The Asam Pedas set is usually paired with ulam (salad), sambal belacan (chilli shrimp paste) and boiled salted egg. Located probably 30mins to Asahan in Jasin, one can make a short and quick detour at lunch to feast their growling tummy.

Having been operating for 20 years, Yusri Nadin; the proud onwer of Warung Kari Kambing Power & Asam Pedas Claypot shows no sign of stopping, a signature dish that one must try is the asam pedas ikan pari (spicy and sour stingray and mutton spicy curry). According to Yusri, 2 goats per day for his special kari kambing and it is sold out as early as 9am in the morning despite the fact that the warung actual calls it a day at 3pm. For those interested to try this famous dish, you know what time you need to head here.

Aside from the asam pedas and kari kambing, lontong Kering is one of the popular delicacy in Warung Kari Kambing Power & Asam Pedas Claypot. Being located in the meeting point of Melaka, Johor and Negeri Sembilan, it comes as no surprise that Lontong Kering is also famous is the district of Jasin. The serunding (coconut floss) and kuah kacang (peanut sauce) is simply superb. Do try it as well.

The origin of Asam Pedas
Asam Pedas can be traced as far as Pekanbaru in Sumatera, just across Melaka; devided by Straits of Melaka and also the Riau Islands Province. Some said that as the Minangkabau suku (where asam pedas originally came from – the Minangkabau clan of Sumatera) who roamed across Asia has made their ways to Peninsular Malaysia few hundred years ago along with their customs, culture and culinary; settling in Negeri Sembilan (an adat Pepatih state just next to Melaka). Assimilation of lifestyle formed, as well as the famed localized delicacy that is now popular in Melaka – Asam Pedas. Strangely, being a descendant of Minangkabau from Padang, my family has never claimed nor cook this dish in any occasion. Perhaps the localized Melaka version is more famous I guess.

For those who is traveling to Melaka and looking forward to sample Melaka Asam Pedas and Kari Kambing, well, you know where to go to *wink*.

Warung Kari Kambing Power & Asam Pedas Claypot
Add: Km 42, Jalan Tambak Merlang 1
Kg. Simpang Bekoh, 77100
Asahan, Melaka

Tel: +6012-7775006 / +6013-6822800
Business hours: 6am – 3pm (Mondays to Fridays)

#ICYDKMelaka is made possible and is in collaboration with Tourism Melaka, Asia Urban Youth Assembly (AUYA) and all the sponsors with #GayaTravel as media coordinator.

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