Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Bangi Wonderland Theme Park

Bangi Wonderland Theme Park
Another theme park!??!
Isn’t this the one I read last month?

Well, I braved myself to visit this place and I wasn’t disappointed.  Before I even start my review of this place, let me share a couple of things first.

Below is my observation (jiwa marketing tak lari jauh)
1. Feasible and great place to have a small Family Gathering or Family Day
2. Fun place for a small scale birthday party too
3. Not too big for kids to get lost, small enough for parents to have eye-view visibility (as long as the kids don't wonder to adult rides lah)

4. Reasonably priced packages - entrance + food for group activities/booking. Package includes of managing few teambuilding games
5. Distance within KL/Selangor area makes it easier/accessible
6. There are medics available at the park to check on one’s health before going for the rides such as heart attack, high blood pressure and etc

Not a big fan of waterpark, I was surprise that what to me was a small scale park, actually have so many rides to offer its customers; namely Kids Adventure, Magic Funnel, Anaconda Trail, The Fall, Green Pearl, Wonder Loop, Spiralax, Body Slide, Pirates Bay, Water Cannon, Boomeriang, Surf Rider, Insane Racer, Typhoon River, Meander River and Pirates Spa.

Water Cannon is one game you should try.

There is a main area (with chairs and table and stage) for one to lepak, gather and organize an event. You can also liaise and work with the marketing person to check whether can they allocate a smaller and more cozy area for a small family and friends gathering. I am sure the team can work some magic for you and your event.

As the place is not that crowded especially during weekdays, my suggestion is for you to come during this period, try to avoid school holidays and weekends. This way, you and your friends/family/kids can have the place (almost) to yourself. Kiasu giler hokkay.

Bangi Wonderland Theme Park
2, Persiaran Bangi Avenue
Bangi Avenue, 43000
Kajang, Selangor

Tel : +603 8912 8333

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