Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Home Away From Home - Philea Mines Beach Resort

Home Away From Home
As defined in Merriam-Wedster : a place that is as pleasant and comfortable as one's own home.
This is exactly how Philea Mines Beach Resort made me feel.

When I first saw the place I will be staying, I was rather confuse as I often thought that there’s only one Philea Resort in Malaysia. Well oh well, little did I know, we now have two - Philea Mines Beach Resort, located in The Mines, Sungai Besi – Kuala Lumpur and Philea Resort & Spa in Melaka. As I was googling to check-out the place virtually, I read the below; how they describe themselves :

Nestled amidst the concrete jungle of Kuala Lumpur, is an unexpected haven offering a full experience of sophisticated style, comfort, privacy and tranquility. Well known as the “beach in the city” and living up to its name, Philea Mines Beach Resort caters to varieties of services such as health retreats, weekend getaways, garden weddings, beach barbeques and other team building corporate events.

Gosh! I couldn’t agree more. Perfect to the T.

Philea has always been associated with Melaka (to my understanding lah), but this quaint resort tucked away in one little corner of Kuala Lumpur is basically a ‘resort in a city’ concept, with beach-feel-like environment, lake-facing chalet (and rooms) and attach-mall-by-boat experience. This is simply perfect for city-dweller type of traveller yet wanting a tinge of resort feel. Well, I guess Philea Mines Beach Resort is the palace for you then.

The chalet is to die for. Overlooking the beach front, with deck chair, patio and wooden-like finishing certainly added the resort touch, and if you want to fancy-fy and pamper yourself, ask for one of those room whereby the bathroom has no wall/door to the bedroom, bathtub out in the open (suitable for honeymooners, sumpah!), and spacious room that you probably can put 3 ping-pong table (I might exaggerated here abit but am sure you got my point). I guess, all those cool-manja-gilerbest stuff that you kinda always wanted in a resort/hotel lah.

The one thing I like about the food is the promotional offer at their coffee house (evening only I think), approximately RM20 for main dish of Roasted Mint Chicken+drink or local noodle+drinks+dessert – goodness, giler value for money. Pergi tau, jangan tak pergi. Sumpah balik modal.

They also have warung style buffet during the weekend if you want to sample local cuisine, else you can always walk over to the mall next door to try a more hipster-ish meal.

So, gi ler try!

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