Saturday, April 13, 2019

Carbon G-SHOCK | 3rd Generation of Toughness

“When the world thought we couldn’t get any tougher, we proved otherwise today with the introduction of the G-SHOCK Carbon Core Guard series, an even more resilient watch to our already formidable G-SHOCK line.’
- Mr Tezuka Itsuro, Managing Director of Casio Malaysia -

G-SHOCK never fail to overwhelm me, Infact I felt like I am some kind of a superhero when I learnt about the new Carbon G-SHOCK.

The first time hearing about the ‘3rd Generation of Toughness’, I was confident I am gonna fall in love with the watch (again). Its latest innovation launched recently showcased their latest feature – carbon fiber. After their success with resin and metal, it came as a no surprise for me that Casio is able to top their own creation. 2 hero model presented is the GA-2000 and GWR-B1000 Gravitymaster.

GA-2000 is the analog-digital G-SHOCK that comes with Carbon Core Guard structure featuring as a carbon fiber-reinforced case, guardless buttons, front light button, a double case back structure, and multi-color resin bands.

You will be amazed to hear that this is lightest Gravitymaster ever. The GWR-B1000 Gravitymaster is designed for the severe environments faced by pilots. If that is not enough, this model has a higher level of toughness as it uses the same carbon and titanium materials found on modern aircrafts. What awed me (kid you not) is that it utilizes tough solar technology, is Bluetooth enabled (up to 2m however it may differ depending on surrounding conditions) and has a full auto double LEDs which automatically illuminate in dark conditions. Another plus point is that its scratch resistant sapphire glass enhances readability.

Carbon-Fiber Bezel : The structure of the bezel is designed with gaps between it and the case, which allows the parts to absorb shock.

Carbon Monocoque Case : The case and case back are seamlessly integrated into a monocoque, improving strength and resisting shock while reducing weight.

Shock-Resistant Buttons : The stronger case and the modified plate that holds the circuit board in place inhibit direct impact to the button shaft and circuit board, eliminating the need for button guards. Buffer parts are made of a highly elastic, very hard material that reduces shock to the case.

G-SHOCK - famous for their triple G Resist; shock resistant, centrifugal force resistant, vibration resistant (and rust-resistant). Go get one now!


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