Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Harimau Menangis Dish in Summit USJ

If I were to translate it to English it will be 'the crying tiger meat' 😏. Ask the chef I did and here is his reply ‘Harimau Menangis meat is the part on a cow that is so tender, juicy and nice yet it is hard for a tiger to reach hence the tiger cried for not being able to taste it’, so he said. Betul ke cerita ni?

This dish is famous in northern Malaysia as well as southern Thailand, in Thai it is called Suea Rong Hai and it is usually served with sticky rice. Their version of the story is that the appearance of the brisket cut to the skin of a tiger and called it “tiger meat”. When the meat is grilled, the fat that accumulates in the muscle fibers is melted by the heat and drops like a tear. Using their imagination, they named the dish “crying tiger”. (Source : Wikipedia)

Well, whatever the stories are, the meat is truly tender and juicy. This, I will not lie.

Many wondered, which part lah ‘daging harimau menangis’ nih?
After hours of googling, I have found out (or narrowed down) to the part that is berdekatan daging batang pinang or specifically di celah peha bahagian kaki belakang lembu.

Pic source : Google

So, if you want to try this famous and rare dish, head on to Summit Bamboo Garden Chinese Thai Restaurant, do call before going over or you might be the one crying instead. Hehhehheee….

Summit Bamboo Garden Chinese Thai Restaurant
The Summit Subang USJ
Persiaran Kewajipan
USJ 1, Subang Jaya

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