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Mee Siput | Johor’s Mamee (A Muar delicacy)

When I heard we gonna try Johor’s mee siput, I was overcome with joy. After all, I am so very hungry with the early morning activities. As the line was unstable at Taman Hutan Lagenda Gunung Ledang, I figure why should I even bother to google about mee siput kan. I should just use my creative and my smart ass brain to visualize how a mee siput would look and taste like. Rilek lah…
I was toying with the idea of should I blog or should I not, ‘if I were to blog, how would I angle this mee thingy?’. Should I just do a comparison with other states noodle (laksa Johor aside, cos I can do a ‘Laksa from every state’ article later-later [later-later = nanti-nanti. Camni lah I localize bahasa omputeh keh keh keh]). I was skewed to writing about mee udang, mee ketam, mee daging, mee ikan (fish noddle, popular among Chinese) AND MEE SIPUT.

Yup! This is how I gonna write it. Until lah I saw how the noddle looks like… have you guys seen/eaten mee siput before? Cos this is my first.

My expectation
Santan-ish soupy (with coconut milk gravy)
Siput sedut (mud creeper)
Fish cake
Vege (namely tauge/green leafy vege)
In reality
Yup. Its dry like Mamee and you eat it like that jer

Kid you not. Okay okay… You don’t just eat it like that lah opkos. You put the sambal pedas manis on top and eat it like PIZZA (with hands). Some say you put both item in a plastic, crush it and then eat it. Bottom line is – NO GRAVY, NO VEGE, NO COOKING (well, the noodle is sold both raw and fried).

Imagine my shock and disappointment.
Penat jalan ikut the pakcik showing and explaining the mee siput-making process, and then I found out the noodle is served… Just. Like. That. Mau naik angin masa tuh. But you see, I am super cool lady hence I will not throw a fit just because the noddle is lacking in gravy, fish cake, slices and etc *eyes rolling*. So I did what any smart lady like me would do… and give a try. Tuh jer option pun kan.
Remember the song sung by arwah Sudirman?
‘To know Malaysia is to love Malaysia’.
Well, to love mee siput is to TRY mee siput.
And…. Mee Siput lah permenangnya (favourite line Khalishan).
Giler sedap hokkay. I bought 2 balang… sumpah tak tipu. You guys must must try, I think the sambal plays an important role, it is the sole contributor to the yumminess of the mee siput.
Here is how Johor’s famous old school snack is being made.

Mix the flour

Mee Siput is made of tepung gandum (wheat flour), tepung sagu (sago flour), air abu (sodium) and salt to taste.

Mix and knead the dough well

Flatten the dough and put it through the roller machine. Repeat the folding and rolling, dust it with flour if needed.

Cut into sections and feed the pasta sheets through the blade

Boil and later drain the water

Sun-dry it and later oven bake for packaging purpose

When searching, I found out that it is called mee siput due to the fact the noodle’s swirl resembles the snail shell. Snail in Malay is called Siput, just so you know (kot-kot lah omputeh baca, diarang bukan tau apa tuh siput kan). Aside from that, the noodle crunchy texture is similar to the shell of the snail itself (not that I have eaten a snail shell before hahhahah… kita bayangkan jer yek); ie. fragile and breakable.
Kak Chik Enterprise has been operating since 2012. They produced approximately 50kg a day for it to be distributed/sold all over Malaysia. Due to the high production volume, the ovens have to be custom made while other equipment is available in the market. I hope to see more of mee siput in Klang Valley, otherwise I will have to travel to Muar once a month for me to fulfill my craving.

Kak Chik Enterprise
KB 6 (B) Lorong 1, Kg. Sawah Ring
Grisek, Tangkak
Johor Darul Takzim
Mobile : +60196276578, +60196276570
Facebook :

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