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The Jewel of Kuala Lumpur | Wilayah Mosque

Dubbed as 'Jewel of Kuala Lumpur', the Wilayah Mosque was built between 1998 and 2000 and able to accommodate 17,000 worshippers at a time. This Ottoman Malay style building is influenced by the famous Istanbul Blue Mosque. Its doors are of cengal wood and carved by a local craftsman from the Terengganu, Malaysia.

Some of the things that I find amazing and you can also view my narration video of all the below places HERE

1. It has 3 multi-purpose halls. The biggest can fit 1200pax, 500 and 200

- This is suitable for wedding events, ceramah (talks), workshops, training or even motivation bootcamp (skewed to religious topic lah kan).
- The foyer area is fairly big to accommodate the crowd.
- They have a garden at the back that can be used as bootcamp site.

2. Accommodation rooms (twin sharing), separated by male and female

- I didn’t even know this mosque has such facilities, many would welcome and appreciate this a lot.
- For those having wedding or event at the halls here, can stay a night during the set-up/preparation day thus minimise the hassle of driving in and out late at night.
- Also applicable for those attending any talks, training or bootcamp here. Practical huh.

3. There's kindergarten here

- This caught me by surprise. You can now send your kids here for education as well.
- It is a proper classroom, clean and well equip. Do drop by and check it out.
- Would also encourage for you to go thru their syllabus as I did not manage to cover it the other day.

4. And they have a primary school too

- I am even more surprise upon learning this.
- Again, it is a proper classroom, clean and well equip. As per show in my video HERE (just swap).
- Highly advice to go thru their syllabus for I did not manage to check during my visit there.

5. Library and computer room located near the school
- Did not drop by but I am assuming it should be sufficient to cover for the kids studying here as well for public.
- Probably a lot of religious book.
- Not sure they allow to us to borrow out, do call and drop by to enquire.

6. Wedding event/banquet hall

- Providing a complete package, I believe you can also book the Tok Kadi here.
- Aside from the Nikah place, it can also be the reception venue as they provide wedding/banquet hall.
- And also, it has accommodations too (for those helping with set-up). Perfect ain’t it.

7. The mosque conducts tour session, robe is made available (Multi-lingual tour guide can be requested. Advance notice is appreciated)
- I highly recommend you guys to experience this, it is overwhelming and enlightening both at the same time. Check-out the video HERE, swipe for more.
- It shows that a mosque is not only for prayers, it is a One-Stop-House for us to perform our ibadat and ibadah.
- There are a few mosque around Malaysia with the similar concept, you can google it.

8. OKU friendly (Lift available to the highest floor/women praying hall)

- As it has 4 floors all together, highest being the female praying/solat area hence the the lift takes you all the way up.
- There’s a lot of stairs, for OKUs do take note on the entrance with escalator and lift service.
- And make sure to park near to OKUs accessible areas (else kena jalan jauh).

9. Food bank counter for those wanting to lend a hand
- This is fairly important as there are times we want to make donation but don’t know where to go, well this is the place.
- They ONLY open during office hours, so DO NOT drop by on weekends lah yek.
- It is advised to call and understand the type of goods required prior making the donations.

10. ATM machine
- Incase you want to make a donation and short of cash, worry not as Bank Islam ATM machine is available.
As shown on my video HERE.

Are you as impressed as me when I first found out the facilities they have to offer?
Wilayah Mosque
Jalan Tuanku Abdul Halim
Kompleks Kerajaan
Kuala Lumpur
URL : http://www.masjidwilayah.gov.my/

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