Monday, May 24, 2021

Bahula Arang | Malaysia own Madeleine

I tried googling the English word for Bahulu, Wiki stated it as ‘similar in concept to the madeleine cake, but round in shape and composed of different ingredients. The fact is that it does remind me of madeleine, nicer in aroma (I might be a bit bias here), both crunchy and soft in texture, and the taste is light and simple. Great when dipped in tea/coffee/hot chocolate on a raining day.

Stated that it was originated during the colonization era derived from the Serani word - bolu which means cake. Ok ok macam ni lah senang, doesn’t matter what it is called, bahulu is the yummeh-iest and bahulu arang is the best. Hehhehehe…

This Kedahan was once in IT industry for 17 years and later decide to venture into F&B industry, Encik Husaini Mat Rejab the owner of Bahulu Arang followed his passion and has not looked back. Numerous interviews have taken place, sleepless night of desktop researches, countless of trial and error have not gone to waste cause Husaini has finally perfected his bahulu. It took him 6 months, using both chicken and duck eggs, and his secret ingredient, he set sailed with BAHULU ARANG. Passion and trust guided him.

I especially love it when one’s passion is seen as he speaks, and this is one those moments. Husaini vision and mission is to make bahulu arang a household name, not just in Malaysia but at international level (di persada dunia gitew). And that is not all, he planned to create a Bahulu Museum where he can house all his 300 bahulu mold. He said this will happen when he reaches 1000 mark. I pray he will, soon. 

Bahulu Mold
There’s a story for each of his 300 bahulu molds. The stated he sourced it from, the previous owners be bought it from right to the history of the molds. And that is not all, the made and the design story too. You will be impress to see bahulu mold in the shape of prawn (I’ve seen fish but prawn? Hemmm…) and if you think prawn is ‘interesting’, they even have a chicken design ie a cockerel as well as a 3D whole chicken design (yang shape macam butterfly too). The common ones are cermai (gooseberry) design, as well as the belimbing (bilimbi) design. Click HERE for video, please swipe.

Dapur Arang (Charcoal Oven)
This is the reason for in taste, texture and smell. To maintain the originality of a bahulu, it has to be made like the olden days – on dapur arang, macam dulu-dulu. Husaini showed us how he designed his modern charcoal oven and he found the best way to do this that is using batu kelikil (pea gravel). He said that he tried with sand but it did not turn out as good as pea gravel. Click HERE for video, please swipe.

Only a perfectionist will invest his time on the recipe, the mold and oven. To top this off, he custom made the packaging especially for event and gift-aways. You can even custom made for weddings and it’ll cost you only RM3.50 all in. Murah kan. Click HERE for video, please swipe.

Nothing escape this sharp brain of him, passion took the lead role here. And the bahulu taste better if drank with a hot coffee or the kampong. Simply umph!

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