Sunday, January 31, 2010


Day1 (30 January 2010). I’ll cut short the 1st half of the day and hop to the best part.

This is the my THIRD (3rd, TIGA or ) trip to Chiang Mai and yes I do get the strange look or should I say the wondering looks from people on why need I go so many a time. Ahhh……. Chiang Mai to me is the nearest place for “extreme” (to me only lar) adventure/activities that I can afford and the rest of the packages are cheap too (ie hotel, food, transportation and not to forget Air Asia cheap flight AND 2.5 hours journey). I haven’t blogged anything about my first 2 trips here and yet am jumping queue…. EXCITED!

The day started as usual lar, LCCT at 4:50 MORNING, flight delayed 20mins (no aircon wor), reached Chiang Mai at 9ish. Luckily the room is ready, we booked this tiny cute little boutique hotel called The Small Hotel just because the pics on the website looks cool. Oh well! They met my expectation for that the front desk is super lovely and YES they speak good English (no worries! FREE WIFI TOO, thus me blogging)

Upon dumping our stuff (and eaten out maggie mee for “brunch”) we head straight to Arcade bus terminal to purchase tomorrow’s tix to Sukhothai, then we thought (or more like I thought lar) of taking my sis to Bor Sang umbrella making cottage industry village but somehow got the wrong indication/direction from the hotel folks, perhaps the way I says it lead them to understood wrongly. Oh well! We did get lost on foot near the hotel area and manage to find the route back to hotel. Being too tired (not sleeping a wink) and thirsty we decided to go to the Tea Garden right next to our cute little hotel.

GOODNESS! The décor was fabulous… and by know you know me right!?!?? SNAPPY SNAP… after ordering my lemongrass+herbal tea, sis’s ginger+cinnamon+herbal tea and YUM YUM banana split.

After all the drinks and the yummy ice-cream we took a short R&R in our room and waited till 4pm to meet up with our ADVENTURE GUY!

He was early by 5 mins (impressive), we make quickly make payment at the hotel reception and board his van. It was the loooooongest 30mins ride as I was worried he gonna take us “somewhere” else…. Yeah! I have big problem with being paranoid. And no, he is an honest man! Took us to the destination. Phew to me!!!

You’ll be wondering by now; what lar the thing she is soooo kan cheong-ly wanted to “story” everyone right. Wellllllll……. This is what I have booked for my sis & I in our 24hr stay in Chiang Mai…..


Need not say more… and the best part, I got to ride it during SUNSET! A little info for all…. (since I love it so much, it’s my “duty” to share :D )

Sky Adventures Chiang Mai
Fly daily:
8 - 11am and 4 - 6pm

Flight Route:
15 min for 1,900 baht, 30 min for 2,900 baht
(Passenger Max. Weight 110kg).

Insurance Cover
Transportation round trip (Min.2 Persons)
Microlight flight Certificate
Drinking water

Reminded me of Nelly Furtado’s song…

I'm like a bird, I'll only fly away

I don't know where my soul is, I don't know where my home is

Anyone of you tried this? Or better, skydiving?

Hyperlink credits : Wikipedia, The Small Hotel,Chiang Mai Sky Adventure, Air Asia


MKL said...

Is it a bird? Noooo...

Is it a plane? Nooooo...

Is it a rocket? Noooo...

What is it?

It's Lily Riani!!!! :D

OMG, how could you? I would never dare, haha. Kudos to you. I admire you, hehe.

fufu said...

wow it's cheap!! and the view is absolutely breathtaking!!!! i miss my skydiving in new zealand ><

manglish said...

WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW......hahahaahah i can understand ur paranoia

Lily Riani said...


ahhahahhahahah.... good one!

i dont but my sis does, as an elder sis i need to show i have guts too.... :p she came back saying is fun and great view that i know i wouldnt want to miss.


YES!!!!!!!!!!!! now i thk i would dare to do skydiving AFTER my leg is completely hea! I ENVY YOU TOO! Malaysia Boleh! Hahahhaha....


I agree.... WOWWWWWWWWWWWW.... but the after feeling.... you know it;s worth it!

biqque said...

best! best!

biqque said...

lily, wanna ask u bout ha long bay...leave a msg on my blog yeah? i'll be staying at hanoi's hotel tapi nak tau pasal ha long bay...nak tau tido sana lagi bagus ke, or day trip lagi senang...

Lily Riani said...



i will drop a note in you blog on halong bay tonite. at airport returning home.

biqque said...

if u have ym, add me

Liudmila said...

Oh this is really an adventure! You are so courageous!!! And you remembered to make photos too!!!!

Lily Riani said...


Yes! Yes! As am not sure whether I would have the guts to do it again....ehheheh...

Shingo T said...

Hey Lily, the microlight aircraft looks like fun. Don't be lured to fly towards the sun though, the wings will melt. =p

And nice birds eye view.

I'm afraid of heights. I will be shivering and closing my eyes if I was flying on that thing, and probably end up landing on the sea.

Wenny Yap said...

You know Lily, I should emulate you when I go travelling. You truly enjoy yourself 'kow kow' wherever you go. That's COOOOOOLLL!!!

Lily Riani said...

shingo t,

am scared of hight too but the excitements supercedes everything.... it's really fun!

no worries, wont fly to teh sun. ahhahaha
errr.... chiang mai have no sea lar... so no worries


you must! see teh little things in life... else we take this for granted ;)

Anonymous said...


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