Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Yeah! HK is a shopping heaven (after BKK. OPS!)

Day 3 (25 December 2009). HK NOT gonna be happy with me :D

Despite that it is Christmas, it proves to be boring; reason being we dedicated today for shopping and as a non-great-fan-of-shopping…. (really, I SWEAR, please re-ask me for the truth). I feel aimless, lack of motivation, zilch inspiration.. Totally na-da.

It started with boring shopping at Citygate Factory Outlet, I ONLY have ONE mission - HANDBAG, COACH in particular as I learnt that they carry them there other then Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Max Mara, Laura Ashley, Guess, Nike, Adidas, Swatch, UCB, CK, AIX.. yeah… about 80 branded goods. THUS, jeng jeng jeng…. I DID manage to get meself a handbag… YES! Ergo model! WOOHOO! Been wanting this since Coach launching it end last year… wanted the blue/green but they only have one colour - PINK! YUK!!!! Sigh…. Despite I dislike pink (YUP! I HATE PINK!), I succumb to it all for the liking of an Ergo model (SUCKER!!!). How much will be the next question right? I knew it! Around RM1k… which I thought was reasonable as in Malaysia it cost more then RM2k, might even be close to RM3k… I thought it was kinda good deal…. DONE! BOUGHT! I DO FEEL SMART with this purchase and ofcos I think I look good lor…. VERY PRETTY until the “newness” feel faded and am back to reality. But till then…. SMART & PRETTY!

Oh yah! If you need to get here, take the train heading to Tung Chung, get down at the last stop (Tung Chung lar…), it’s the same stop that offers 360 Ngo Ping Cable Car ride plus the sitting Buddha. Everyone asked how to get to Citygate from Tung Chung…. Welllll……. The MTR station IS IN THE OUTLET ie building itself, can’t miss it. EASY PEASY! You have to be duh to miss it.

Food? There’s food court there (located at 2nd floor) - Food Republic just like the one in Pavilion KL. The great thing is that it have 2 halal stalls. YEAY!

After lunch which is about 3ish, Tina wanted to take the cable car, the rest doesn’t mind going with her, my sis and I requested to split as she wants to jalan jalan at the harbour, Danny decided to join us. The more fun and energetic group…. (this is until you reach few para below, I do have a weakness, after all am only a human being....sob sob).

We head back to our hostel to dump our shopping goods and unanimously agreed to walk from Jordan to Harbour City. Far? YES!!!! TIRED! But it was worth it, we took few pics along the way. Checked out my so called DREAM WATCH… Tissot - white face/strap with baby blue needle…. Dreammmmmmy. I thought it might be cheaper here…. Apparently NOT! Can get it few hundred RM cheaper in Malaysia….argh….. This is what I found from this blog and only 4,999 pcs in the world!

“Women of style will love The T-Race Danica Patrick white color, with design details in the blue of her team. A white mother-of-pearl dial and a sculptured, white rubber strap complete the look. Reflecting the spirit of the racetrack is a sporty, stainless steel case with a chequered flag marked on the rotating bezel. The chequered flag also finds its way on to the white case back, where it underlines Danica’s lightening-bolt logo.”

Am still contemplating! Advice anyone?

The hand of god? Or an earlier Gong Xi, Gong Xi wish… or Pui Fok, Pui Fok…… Hemm….. Whatever it is, obviously my sis not bothered… am still wondering what is she fiddling there!??!

Ahh…!!! We also passed by a mosque, very excited indeed. Apparently if you wish to source for Halal Muslim food, you can come here and eat at the canteen and also found out that there are few Indian/Pakistani halal food located near the mosque. Oh yah! Am a Muslim so that you know….bet you didn’t realize neh…

We finally reach Harbour City Mall, it is SUPER HUGE! Or perhaps mammoth is of a right word, or king kong or WTH!!!??! I was tired like hell just by walking across the mall, and it’s not helping with my injured knee either…sigh… we cut through the mall (walking slooooowly) to get to the harbour front and find our way to Avenue of The Star. At the exit (which I can’t remember which one [I did mentioned huge right? Right! Right!], there was this BEEAAUUUTIFUL Christmas decorated arch…. It’s amazing that everyone one and I mean absolutely everyone stopped to take pics, so much so that it causes human traffic jam! Security have to request pedestrian NOT to stop at the staircase to avoid jam and accident as everyone is busy snapping and looking upwards. Hehhehehe….. Traffic light should be placed during Christmas season… ;p but then again; people might think it’s a decorative item and start taking pics of the traffic light pulak…. HAHAHAHH….HOOHOHHO….

Alas we reached the HK Clock Tower what seems to indicate that we are nearing the Avenue of the Star, phew…. Apa lagi, snappy snap lar as I always say.

We then waited for the sun to set a little bit more to take pics of Hong Kong island, the boats, the sampan, the tongkang…. and whateverlar in our sight…. Sad though, the weather was MISTY! We were hoping clear sharp pics…. Sigh… guess need to revisit HK for the 4th time, who knows, 4th time a charm, right?!?!

We lepak for awhile hoping and HOPING the mist will go away…. Like real lar it will…. Dream on Lily! We settled for junk boat pics before heading back to Jordan (not the country). Need to rest well as tomorrow departing to Macau!

Cirque du Soleil, here we come!

Credits : Wikipedia, Venitian Resort, Cirque du soleil, Watch Happening, Ngo Ping 360, Citygate, Harbourcity, MTR, Tissot, Dania Car Racing


Liudmila said...

You near bell tower are the best in all HK, Lily!!!
I like the last photo with the sail very much.

Is the bell tower antiqoue there? I wanted to write a comparative post about bell towers. Are there belòl towers in Muslim culture?

Lily Riani said...


not that i am aware of, but we have mosque minaret which look like bell tower, i have one huge minaret pic from my earlier trip/post in casablanca.

minaret : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minaret

lily's blog : http://lilyrianitravelholic.blogspot.com/2009/08/blog-post.html

wikipedia sultan hassan mosque : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hassan_II_Mosque

Lily Riani said...


btw, we hv building that have minaret look alike (if not bell tower). one being the moorish design KTM Intercity Railway station in KL.

Or Sultan Abdul Samad Building which have a bell tower.



MKL said...

Oh, I was also in Tung Chung and in that outlet store, hehe. It's huge and when you come out, those apartment buildings are huge skyscrapers. HK never ceases to amaze me. How come no Big Buddha pics? Is it coming up? I luuuuv HK and hope to return soon, weee... :)

manglish said...

love ur night scenes on HK...very beautiful lar....

Shingo T said...

I went to Citygate everytime I'm in Hongkong. I like the spacious layout, which makes it very nice to walk, since there's hardly a huge crowd.

Food Republic is a Singapore chain of food courts, and the one at Citygate sells alot of Singapore/Malaysia food. But the standards are bad - laksa too watery, and the desserts are nowhere near the standards of Singapore, or most authentic food stalls in Hong Kong.

But I guess food will be a limitation for you, since it's a non-halal country as a whole.

Hongkong is a shopper's paradise, it's so fun! ^_^

trishie koh said...

i love shopping in HK too!

Lily Riani said...


i was soooo misty, from citygate we bare see anything, THUS we decided to not go teh cablecar ride and ginat buddha... which means, theres a NEXT HK trip for me yeay! me and my little excuses to travel.

Lily Riani said...


thank you larr.... but still tooooo misty, i will blog about my HK previous trip.... very very the nice night scene... you definately will approve.

Lily Riani said...


Yeah! Citygate def easy to shop versus those mall areas and cheaper too :D

Oh! I didnt know they are Spore chain, the one in Pavilion serves decent food, perhaps localised?

All my colleague loves HK as the food there are nicer especially the wnatan & dimsum....


me too despite am not much of shopaholic, i dont mind the walk n window shop... less pressurizing.

Toothfairy said...

i actually miss HK, just for shopping and the food!


Yet said...

Looks to me like you had a great time! despite some hangups. I really would like to travel there one day!

Lily Riani said...


yeah, now taht i am back, i kinda miss hk too... the whole works..! :D


i did hv loadsa fun... and u must must go... u wont want to come back.

The Cottage Cheese said...

Wow, I must see Hong Kong one day! Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog and for following :)

Lily Riani said...

Cottage Cheese.

Yes, you must... it's a great shopping heaven...

Anonymous said...

I travel quite a bit for my job and I love your life experiences here on this blog. A new follower, thanks for the great ideas too.

Lily Riani said...

Chatty girl

Gee.... thanks gurl - for dropping by as well as being my follower ;)

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