Monday, January 25, 2010

Taipa Tulip in Macau

Day 5 (27 December 2009). In canto sounds like - a lot (taipa 很多) of Tulips.

Haven’t really been in my best/top form, very busy and very tired, very duh; maybe the weather not agreeing with me or perhaps PMS. Thus, effected my mood to blog despite that I have 1001 things in my mind to pen down, YET just couldn’t find the “reason” to start…sigh… (more of excuses not too!) bad sign ie LAZY MOOD COMING!

HOWEVER, I shall try to blog; since normally my so called “MOOD” tend to pick up and strangely it can influence me mood to be perkier and funnier…ahhaha…. (fake laugh).

Ah! I think I know why! The last day of this trip has nothing much to “brag” about, first of all, am totally CLUELESS on the public transport. Secondly, the locals can’t speak English much…. Even road sign is in Portugese and it doesn’t help as the locals (mostly) only know the road name in Chinese - massive chicken & duck talk. And thirdly, RAIN! And I am not talking about the Korean HUNK cum singer cum actor cum my boyfriend (dream on Lily)…. OK! OK! Really check! But he is yummy right! RIGHT! RIGHT!

Let’s start…. Hemmm…. It started with me splitting with the rest (8 of my relatives) as the van unable to fit all of us in and also the fact that I’ve booked a different flight time (they're going straight to the airport after their sightseeing). Oh! By the way, the driver can’t speak a word of English, am very worried for my cousins… But I guess I need to trust them to be able to manage the situation, after all they all traveled before. This should be fun maah... After everything settled, I “bye-bye”ed them and waited for the public transport to Taipa Island, we thought we cover the furthest one first and move slowly to those within the city area.

The hotel reception gave us the direction on how about to take the public bus and off we go… WHY CAN’T THEY HAVE A HOHO (Hop-on Hop-off) sigh…. Life could have been much easier (Enough complaining Lily!). We head to Taipa House Museum, I honestly didn’t expect much… but I was surprise; for one, they have nice looking GREEN HOUSES and TULIPSSSSS! We spent a loooooooong time there, took pics like nobody's business ie like a monkey receiving a torchlight (it’s a Malay simile ie the monkey will keep using the torchlight even though in broad daylight).

The bus journey was 30 mins long, Taipa is basically totally another island from Macau which I thought kinda interesting as I always thought that Macau consist of ONE ISLAND ONLY. Ignorant!

We alight upon reaching our stop, aimlessly looking for the direction and finally saw it up on a shop. We walked up the steps and saw this small lane which reminded me of Granada (missed Spain so much).

Then we stumbled into Carmo Church and Library, it’s looks and feels old and ancient and somewhat European…. Hemm….. And we thought this can’t be it, they said GREEN maa…. Took few pics and search for my green houses, then that’s when I realized my sis was no where to be found, PANIC! Walked everywhere in the compound, tried calling, did not pick up… shucks! WHERE?!??!?! Then I heard noises below far far far away, I followed it, that’s when I saw my GREEN HOUSES and she is already there. ARGH…. Upset!

A little bit about this Taipa Houses Museum, basically it was built in 1921, and apparently it had been the residences for high superiors and Macanese families. And in the 80's, the Tourist Department of Macau bought and recovered them. An then, in late 90's, the government decided to fully remodel them, upon recognizing its important architectural value thus transforming them into museums and renaming the houses as "Macanese House", "House of the Islands", "House of the Portugal Regions", "Exhibition Gallery" and "House for Reception".

One thing for sure, the area was CROWDED, might be due to the holiday season. Tried my best to take pics of the houses…. Cause later I definitely focusing on the TULIP!

I need not say much here lar… it’s Tulip all the way……..

And more Tulip…

And even more…

Then it RAIN! YUP! We took the bus back to Macau Island and stopped at Grand Lisboa & Wynn but was disappointed obviously; I mean, after you have seen Venetian Macao Resort Hotel, the rest is almost nothing compared….

We walked to
Senado Square as my sis wanted to buy a pair of jeans, and I was dead bored in Giordano, Bossini & Baleno…. And I decided to go off to the airport earlier so that we can rest(more like sleep) there (our flight was pushed 2 hours behind). Way tooo tired to walk.

Lily signing off - last trip 2009. (mood mood where are you?)

Hyperlink Credit : Wikipedia, Lonelyplanet, Kpop, Venetian Macau, Grand Lisboa, Wynn Macau, Macau Government Tourisme Board


manglish said...

i must say wow the tulips are so beautiful there....ohh and so are you AHHAHAAHAHA

Shingo T said...

I haven't seen any tulip gardens in my life. Hope to be able to see one, probably the famous one in Holland if time and budget allows.

Lily Riani said...


thank you thank you thank you on behalf of tulips around the world. hahahahaaa

shingo t,

i kinda saw a small tiny tulip garden during my trip to NZ, then ofcos this one in macau, but they say holland have the best & nicest one. UNFORTUNATELY for you to travel during tulip season is super duper EXPENSIVE. sigh.....

MKL said...

I'd not expect tulips there, wow. Once again, awesome pics, Lily and very useful. I'm sure I'll check your posts one day before going to Macau. :)

Lily Riani said...


and you must update n blog evrything abt taiwan, am counting on u on taiwan..ehhehe still planning taiwan this yr. MUST MUST MUST.

Anonymous said...

You have really great taste on catch article titles, even when you are not interested in this topic you push to read it

Anonymous said...

It is useful to try everything in practice anyway and I like that here it's always possible to find something new. :)

MKL said...

Now I'm reading your Macau posts with great interest. I guess I will be spending my time in Macau city and not Taipa. Shall see, if I gonna check the Venetian. I have a full day tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, I need to go back. So will be a lot of walking, hehe.

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