Monday, July 12, 2010

ALONE in Paris

Day 2
(11 November 2006). That's a sad thing to be all ALONE in Paris, sob sob sob....

How bad was it? I took only 46 photos the whole day. WAIT! You must be wondering why am I alone in Paris right? NOOO! Anna didn’t leave me stranded, ofcos NOT! She wouldn't dare! Hehhehee...... Yeah! Remembered I said she is attending the conference for 2 days (or was it 3 days? Hemmm....), well... our Day 2 in Paris was her 1st Conference Day. BORING her, ALONE me! I wonder who is better off? Or worst off? Hemmm....Anywaysss.....

Woke up VERY VERY VERY late, wasn't sure of what to do, figure I should take a walk in Paris again ie following the same route the day before, AND probably walk a little but slower this time since no one to wait for NOR anyone waiting for me. Hehhee....... this will be the 3rd time me walking the street - Champs-Élysées and not shopping - sigh... freaking expensive with Malaysia exchange rate.

Oh well! Decided! Took a train from Disney Resort Station called Gare de Marne-la-Vallée – Chessy (by the way, did I tell you the conference “forced” us to stay in Paris Disneyland Resort? Woo Hoo! Hehehee.... will blog about it in next entry).
The map looked complicated but pretty sure am smart enough to comprehend this, I figure if I can do this alone in foreign land and foreign language - other part of the world wouldn’t be that hard. I purchased the Metro daily pass so that I can take train everywhere & anywhere, I think I paid €12 for it. My first stop was Galleria La Fayette and decided to start on foot from there, the first time I was there, I remembered my cousin bringing me here to shop of cause back then I don’t have much cash since I just started work.
France was still using their own currency (before Euro came on board). Ahh.....The good old days for currency collectors. I should have kept some! Darn!

Back on Galleria La Fayette, ever since my first trip I always thought that La Fayette was the classiest, fashionable and most stylish mall and since this time around I seems to have more spare time on my own, I thought I should just drop by to take some pics. YUP! It didn’t fail me… fantastic as usual. LOVE IT!

I surely didn’t plan to travel anywhere that year obviously sooo I did not save enough dollars nor brought enough $ for any purpose. Arghhh…..!!!! Hence, till todate I still did not manage to take the cruise on River Seine. Sigh….. Oh well!… At least I get to go to Paris for the 2nd time and both times were FREE! MUAHHAHAHHAAA….. *evil laugh*

I basically took a stroll and took some building pics of which and what - I am so clueless, tangkap jek gambar. Back in those days I was travelholic with no purpose, hahahaaa….. even I feel my stories & pics not THAT exciting.

I remembered on 2nd day I was there I saw this small lane near Notre Dame Cathedral which I plan to revisit, apparently this tiny lane lead me to a Greek area (still not sure of the lane name till now, perhaps I should revisit Paris? Hemm….) and all the food there smelled SOOOOOOOOOOO FRAGRANT and YUMMILICIOUS. I saw some souvenir shops and accidentally bump into this stall (no regrets here!) ie SALAD BAR (vegetarian - not that I fancy veggies that much) - MAOZ. The food was yummy! (I went and look for it again in Amsterdam & Barcelona.... yup! That YUMMY!)

As it was getting dark and I’ve eaten my yummy food thus I head back to Disney Resort (what a boring ending to write, couldn't even find a way to spice this up... apa lar).
My plan for tomorrow?

Paris Disneyland!!!!

Hyperlnik credits : Wikipedia


Biqque said...

if i pegi, disneyland la yg pertama i terjah dulu! hahahaha!

eugene said...

I am so happy for you, you are really globetrotting, that makes life all worth living for, good on ya

MKL said...

I wish I could see Paris with my girl. You really make me go there... but I can't. Yay, Lily got her visa today. We'll see Vienna instead, hehe. Will be fun, too :)

Liudmila said...

You are fortunate to have always somebody with you, Lily, I travel alone very often, my friends and loved once never had this passion. So, I think, it's not very nice. But if you have a good planned itinerary and you want to see all the places and take good photos, you have not time to think you are alone.

Hope you will go in Paris soon. And we will have the possibility to admire your photos.

Lily Riani said...


but kecik aje, you should hv gone the one in states.


i hope soo lor... you should too, relax yourself, rning family too :D


great!!!!! thaht would be sweet, take loads of pics yah.


having the right company to go traveling with is important. perhaps one day we can meet up in a ctry and travel together.

Wenny Yap said...

Nice pics, Lily. I like especially the Galleria La Fayette indoor pic of the ceiling. You really have a good eye to capture the uniqueness of the place.

I'm still trying to inculcate such creativity. Hope to gain improvements soon.

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