Thursday, July 22, 2010

Uneventful! Sexdrome?

Day 4 (13 November 2006). You read it right alright.

Tah dah…… no pic was taken on Day 4. Yeah! I know! How stupid right?

You see… I have this thing - when I choose to be bored, I can really be boring!!!!! Hehhehe….. I can’t even remember what I did on that day but I think I went factory outlet shopping near Auchen hyper mart (I think its a hyper mart as it felt like Carrefour/Tesco to me BUT MUCH BETTER). Well, you can’t seriously blame a girl if she got distracted with shopping to a point she forgot all about photo shoot right?!? (travel without purpose mah back then, hehehheee….) (excuses LILY!). Didn’t buy much, actually almost NONE but enjoyed the walk & window shopping time though :D lalalaa la la la la

Day 5
(14 November 2006). LOST.

Kid you not! We checked out from Disney Resort (yeah! Conference ended so gone the comfy accommodation [sob sob sob]) and checked into an city apartment for a night. Took the RER blah blah blah, got into town and look for our apartment (you know the drill). Found the place and dump our HUGE luggage…. Phew… almost a day gone!

Hemmm…. By then it was almost evening. Not knowing much about where we are, we decided to take a walk down stairs and look for food for our dinner (mana kedai yang ada). After asking for direction, we head on to a supermart 50 meter down the main street. We figured, since we were outside; might as well take a walk further down and check out the area lar kan. As we walk further down (after the supermart that is), the street became darker (or was is it because its getting dark ie at night time?!?!? DUH LILY!), I saw some shop signages in red from a distance… can’t read it clearly as it was not big enough BUT I remembered feeling uneasy. I told Anna, I have a feeling we are in red light district lar…. She said “no lar….”. I think to myself “then WHY ARE ALL THE SIGNAGES IN RED????? Hemmm…” “Tak apa…. Jalan aje” I told myself again…

As we walk further, I saw sexy female pic, then next shop - even sexier or some even topless… “Hemm…. Anna, really lar…. red light district….” then we look up on the opposite side of the street - in bright red neon lightSEXDROME” & “SEX MUSEUM”… “That’s it! CONFIRMED” (at least that’s what it look like laar… hahhahahaa). No pics was taken as a proof, toooooo scared incase they scold us for doing so (yeah, you prob thinks am lying here, really guys; really am not!).

We burst out laughing…. Still, we pull out mighty guts to walk down further…. pretended to be calm, cool & collected lar! Then! We saw it! The famous MOULIN ROUGE…. BETUL!!!!

NO! We didn’t go watch the show lar ofcos… soooo last minute, didn’t even cross our mind when we landed in Paris (DUH! LILY!!!!!). We only managed to take a pic lar… jadi lar kan….

Next morning…. Brussels here we come!

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manglish said...

2 pics only??????? hahahahahah

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