Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hustle Brussels, Distress Damsel?

Day 6
(15 November 2006). Wonder who's the damsel here? Hehehee....

As usual, the KIASU-ness in Anna & me “queened” over (we tried to fight with our "might" [yeah right!] but to no avail [drama LILY!]).... how can we be in Europe and only cover 1 or 2 country right... OFCOS CAN NOT!!!!! Our Kiasu-highness won't allow it *cheshire cat smile*. Even though our annual leaves were approved for 2 weeks (yeah silly Malaysia - we only have 15 days leave per year excluding festive season holidays - THERE GOES MY LEAVES), we simply must fully utilise our dollars & time spend in Europe, else RUGI LAR... K.I.A.S.U.

HENCE, hehehhe *cheeky laugh*.... our so called smart plan (am abit vainglorious on my beauty & brain I know! Macam real.... Memang dasar perasan max), we paid for Thalys Train €100 p/way (Am not sure whether you call this Bullet or Speed Train, since it looked slightly different from those in Japan). This super duper fast train takes ONLY 3 hours to reach Amsterdam from Paris, ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNND the best thing this is that, it does a transit in Brussels OF WHICH you can get out and visit the city AND hop back the next train to Amsterdam at NO COST. I beginning to think that GOD love me at this point of time, I mean... it's like, everything in Europe conspire to make my trip a worthy one (perasan!!!!!!).... MUAHAHHAHAHHAH *Mumra Laugh - you know right? the ThunderCats villain (our absolutely favourite laughter in the office)*.

After what we thought is a great plan conspired by the whole universe (proud moment here!), we went to Paris Nord (or Gare du Nord ie "North Station") Station. We learnt that this station has services operated by SNCF, Eurostar and Thalys that handles trains to Northern France, as well as to various international destinations such as Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Very the changgih indeed.

Psst! Shhhhh... Apparently, The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Ultimatum, Ocean's Twelve was shot here.... you know what it means right? I walked the same ground where Matt Damon walked or.. or.. or.. or Brat Pitt... GOSH! This is as good as touching them! *gibberish! :P*

OK! Since we didn't have 24 hours in Brussels (6 hours more like it or perhaps even shorter; luckily the train journey was 1 HOUR ONLY - phewww), we dump our stuff at this luggage compartment that was smartly invented for travelers (conspiracy all the way to Brussels just for moi! Sigh... felt sooo loved) - just use your credit card and TAH DAH.... your beloved luggage is safe. HEY! Malaysia should have this at KL Sentral, KLIA & LCCT - seriously guys!!!

We decided to walk (by walk I mean, slow & long PLUS asking a few direction and went to few wrong streets laar. HEY! I didn't say I was smart and by the way GPS wasn't cheap & easily accessible then either!) to Grand Palace Grote Markt. But ofcos, its Anna & me.... where got walk without any pic taking right.... anything in sight we will stop and pose. After what we felt like milesssss....our nose pick-up this chocolaty smell.... You guessed it! We practically FLOAT to Grand Palace Grote Markt.... along the street was full of chocolate shops... and the smell..... HIGH....DREAMY...(some people says it's better then sex...hahahah... am not telling who).

This is the how-many-ieth UNESCO site I visited in a single trip... the buildings? Exquisite! Let me remind you my pic skill was awful back then - traveling without purpose as I said (aside from hitting all the UNESCO & Wonders of The World spot). Nope! Not complaining.

I remembered clearly, Anna peeping at the Godiva Shop ogling away.... I'll get you a piece on your "bird day" ok! Kesian lar pulak.

Arrghh..... we almost miss the evening train to Amsterdam.... shucks! Rush like mad cow to the station, hop on the train to Amsterdam.

NOOOO!!!!! I know life can not be so nice, good and easy! Guess what happen when we reached Amsterdam???

..... Let me fill you with the backgrounder laar.... England versus The Netherland Friendly Football Match... thus yes.... EVERY accommodation in town let it be cheap or expensive, near or far, decent looking or eerr... were basically running FULL HOUSE. ANNNNND ofcos by virtue of Murphy's Law, we didn't book in advance (let's not start with the story on why did we not do that, it can be an entry on it's own). I was ever ready to sleep at the train station (REALLY!), Anna was grumbling, needed bathroom, shower, bed etc etc etc.... the whole 9 yard lar...

Strangely (an angel must have watched over us), we saw this flyers or was it a signage (!??!) promoting tour & accommodation package, their counter is located across the Central Station. We thought we should give it a try...

YES!!!! They manage to find us a room!!!! Near the Central Station which is kinda in the centre and accessible everywhere and only cost us €50 per night, just that..... it's on a BOAT! You read it correctly, we gonna live for 2 nights in a BOAT. And to get to "our" boat hotel/motel/backpacker/etc, we need to take a passenger ferry to the other side. Hemm....


Hyperlink credits : Amsterdam.info, Wikipedia, Trabel.com, Parisbytrain, SNCF, Eurostar, Thalys


manglish said...

now u r scary hahahaahaha....around the world in wat...? hhahahahha

Wenny Yap said...

Wow! You are tugging at my travel bug more and more now. Been thinking about backpacking with hubby to Europe. Hope I'll get to see all these places you went.

Btw, how did you take that first pic (the damsel) ... the edges are blurred? I like that pic. Did you touch up with photoshop or it's your camera that got it that way?

Lily Riani said...


i know... i can be weird by choice...hahahha


i thk you should and probably feel safer too. 2 girls travel can be scary sometimes as we need to be street smart.

i uses Picasa, you can download it for free, most of my pic blog i have tweaked it. my older photos are badly taken. the recent ones are much better and minimal touch up. i guess at the end, its the composition that counts.

Shingo T said...

Haha, I think I have been to the same Godiva Chocolatier as the one you posted in Brussels. =p

Didn't get the chance to try the famed Belgium waffles. Wonder if it's nice. =p

On a side note, I have only read Richard Branson's "Business Stripped Bare: Adventures of a Global Entrepreneur", and I really enjoyed the read. Most of the time, I only read online articles from the Virgin man himself.

Biqque said...

wahhhhhh! living on the boat like rich2 people do...super kiasu nihhhhh hahahahaha! good! good! tell me how!

Lily Riani said...

shingo t,

got it... will hunt for the book.


boat kecik leh... sorry to blow ur bubble. ehhehee...

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