Monday, November 1, 2010

Flight of the Gibbon

I realized I’ve blog so much about Thailand and yes, I can’t get enough, especially northern Thailand ie Chiang Mai in particular. Chiang Mai has soooooo much to offer, put shopping aside (those shoppaholic out there, Bangkok is heaven for shoppaholic, Chiang Mai… well… so-so). BUT, for adventure LOVERSSSSS out there, YOU ABSOLUTELY must visit this place and mind you 4-5 day is just ain’t enough (THAT's FOR SURE!), and Tourism Thailand did not pay me for this (DANG!!!!).

Sigh…. Sooo…. Since I’ve visited Thailand at minimum 10 times in my whole life (If you must know, Singapore the most lar), so for any Chiang Mai blog entry after this will not be post base on daily experience but base on activities or adventurous stuff we did.

Oh yah! I forgot to tell you, Chiang Mai is home for loads of adventurous stuff (next to Queenstown, New Zealand - of cause this is only my own opinion :D ).

Let’s get down to my adventure…

Flight of the Gibbon

Yup! The same one shown in The Amazing Race last season, obviously I went way before that - 2008. Few reason why I want to do this.

1. I am crazy over outdoorsish & adventurish activities (BUT scared at the same time!!!)
2. My travel kaki Andrea is outdoorsish & adventurish too.
3. It is designed, built and overseen by international expert engineers from New Zealand with more than 20 years of experience in nature-based construction (cut and paste from their website)
4. Feel the freshness of 1500 year old rainforest outside of Chiang Mai.
5. 14-15 treetop zipline base (If I remembered it correctly)
6. 2-3 canopy walk
7. 1-2 abseiling down the tree (Especially the last treetop, how else you gonna get down from the tree right?!!? Duh!)

Wow! I just went in their website, and noticed it has gone thru tremendous change, probably due to The Amazing Race visibility with worldwide audience, in fact I noticed the cost has increased slightly. You know what, it's still worth it.

Gearing up... I think I look cool. Yeah right Lily!

Walking to the starting point. Dup dup dup... our heart beats.

Checking the cables before we start out adventure!

Off we go! Where the adventure begins.

My turn, from the starting point. Weeeee........

Can you see her? Andrea versus the jungle out there!

SOS! Rescue me, I've break too fast, too soon. Or I think she did that on purpose, wanted a pic hanging there. Hemm...

Almost all reached the base/platform, except for me.... hey! Wait up!

Andrea and the mountain beyond...

Can you see the treetop base/platform?

That's the canopy walk.

One for the album, Andrea and me.

Yup! It's very high, can you see the ground from up here?

Descending from the last treetop

It terms of experience and service...


Hyperlink credits : The Flight Of The Gibbon, Wikipedia


Kellie Collis said...

Looks like so much fun! Glad to hear how much you have enjoyed. Have a gorgeous day, Kellie xx

Martina said...

3 thumbs up - such a gorgeous adventure! Would like ti beam myself over! Have a fun start into next week!

Krystal said...

this place looks so awesome! you're def making me want to visit, the tourism office should pay you :)


Hi Lily, thanks so much for checking out my blog! I am in awe of how adventurous you are, what an inspiration!! :)

Krystal said...

PS I've never been to lausanne...I need to go!

Lily Riani said...


thank you thank you thank you. have a enjoyable day to you too.


i did. you too have a great day ahead.


you would enjoy there as you can take great photos. and i love the sereneity of switzerland.

monkey face,

you are most welcome, there's more to come, keep an eye on this blog :D have a nice day.

iheartkiwi said...

That looks amazing! I have always wanted to check out Chiang Mai... the next time Kiwi and I go to Thailand it's definitely on our list!

dager said...

Hi Lily,

Thanks for visiting my blog... Like your adventures too!
I feel so sorry for you, not receiving any postcards.:-(
Just mail me your address and one from Belgium is on its way to you:

And it would be great if you send me some postcards from your travels..It will a bit like going with you! :-)

Ribbonlicious said...

Wooow, nice to travel to such places *_* Jungle yay! :D

fufu said...

walao...wanna try!!!

Beach said...

Oh my goodness, I think I would need a few champagnes after that!

Lily Riani said...


yes, you have to stay in chiang mai the longest and if you like shopping - head to bangkok (11 hours bus drive but they flight as well.


MUAKS!!!! thank you!!! so kind of you! will definately send you postcards from my adventure (i sounded like sinbad!) ahahhah....


thank you thank you thank you.


i must introduce you to chiang mai, you sure tak mahu balik.

Lily Riani said...

Beach Vintage,

yes, and i think its cheap there too :D

Nicole Provansal said...

so jealous of all of the travel you get to do!

Gracie said...

I've wanted to do one of these. It looks awesome! And I do like watching The Amazing Race. They get to travel to so many wonderful places.

J_on_tour@jayzspaze said...

What a fantastic looking place and a great experience.

Sandy a la Mode said...

wow! looks like soo much adventure and fun! found your blog thru w&p!!

p.s. i have a giveaway on my blog today, would love for you to join in on the fun!

Lily Riani said...


you can join me next round :D


hahahha..... i did one similar to amazing race, will share one of these days.


thank you on behalf of thailand hahahha....


thanks for dropping by my blog. do follow and i will check out your blog too :)

Sonja said...

This looks like SO much fuuuun!!!
I'm really glad you found me too! So happy to see other travelers! I'll be sure to follow your adventures! :o)

sympathy for the devil said...

how fun!!!!! :D
happy thursday!!!


Lily Riani said...


yeay! we shall keep each other updated huh.

sympathy for the devil,

same for you :) have a nice weekend

MKL said...

Lily, you never cease to amaze me. You're really like me, you just travel 10 times more often and do 100 times more crazy things :P I'm always learning from you.

Lily Riani said...


am learning from you too dear, describing the stuff in details and more adventurous in traveling alone PLUS you're more tech savvy. i guess everyday and everywhere is a leaning curve for us :D

Stef said...


This looks AMAZING!! Someday, I'll have my little chicklets independent enough that I can go off on a crazy adventure or tote them along on a tamer adventure. Until then, I guess it's vicarous living through you!


Lily Riani said...


thanks for dropping by. you can bring them on a more relax tamer trips. and no worries, i'll share my stories with you.

Maz said...

I enjoyed Chiang Mai whilst we toured SE Asia but I found the juxtaposition of old and new, east and west, odd. You're right, there's so much to do there both within Chiang Mai itself and from the environs of the city and into other parts of Thailand, it's a great place to get to know the north. Just discovered your blog through another one I follow - very interesting.

Lily Riani said...


thanks for dropping by my blog.
i agree with you... the contrast is simply awesome. one have to be there to experience it.

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