Thursday, November 25, 2010

Travel Thursday | Kampuchea Kid

While walking towards the jungle t
emple or more popularly known for the temple where Lara Croft (Angelina Jolie) famous scene was shot, I saw this cute little girl begging for money. It sadden me to see this; if I were to help, 20 more will come begging & pestering. And if I don't, would they have any food for their next meal.

What would you do?

Help or not to help?

My globeventure here.

P/S : I'm forever impressed by people who take portrait photography well, I thought I should give it a try while I was in Kampuchea (Cambodia).


Traveller's Anatomy said...

I admire ppl who take beautiful potrait photo esp of the different tribe/race/culture.

Yeah, in a country alike we are torn between helping and ignoring. I would give if I really feel like giving or they would have to take my smile as no.

Indie.Tea said...

I know what you mean...I've heard that from relatives visiting India and similar places. The work-around - so I've heard - is to carry packaged food or candy. That way, when the kids all gather 'round, you can hand out what you brought along. And unlike money, no 'boss' or parent is going to confiscate it.

Ola said...

Lately I saw a document on that place on TV. Yes, probably those kids are used by adults to ear money - the dillema will never be solved:(

Shingo T said...

I guess I won't give. It's not about the money, but I don't wanna get mobbed by kids.

Tina said...

Aww thats a shame. I think I would have to walk on you never know what could happen to you these days if you get your money out.

Lily Riani said...


me exactly. we should travel together one of tehse days perhaps ;)


very very true. tahnks for dropping by my blog.


it happens her ein my country too. there's a syndicate that on human traficking.

Lily Riani said...

shingo t,

i didnt either, but kinda pitiful lor.


if you decided to offer to one kid, you will be mobbed by 10-15 more. sigh...

Kellie Collis said...

You'd call me heartless but I would never hand out money. Food maybe. I'd rather give the money to their social welfare department. Have a good day, Kellie xx

Kasia said...

I know, this is always a hard decision for me too. Mostly, cuz I know there is many ppl who fake begging for money... :/


Sympathy for The Devil said...

sometimes... :((

Lily Riani said...


i agree, its a syndicate. i rather give something the kids can do things with or consume.


yup! same over here in malaysia. fake beggers.

sympathy for the devil,

must be those moment you can help feeling guilty :)

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