Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sick, am I? It may be contagious!

You see….(sigh)…. I have a confession, (sigh…. *agony*) very VERY long ago I got bitten by a travel bug (not just me, my entire family; my parents and siblings!). We start to travel, mostly few of us or with friends but never whole family (except if it’s local destination = cheaper).

To make matter worst, half of us (that’s my late dad, bro & I) are bookworms (now I limit myself to travel books only, other books if time permits).

Since I love to travel the most, I will chicken scrawl everything (literally translate from Malay, means “bad handwriting”) I see, read or discuss. Am such an eager beaver on these, it’s absolutely crazy; especially if I can kill two birds with one stone (business + personal trip); it’s just like a rat race to me BUT in travel world lar.

As if that’s not enough, Air Asia (Malaysia budget airline) continuously having FREE SEAT & RM1 promos to all destination (kid you not!); I feel like the website is specially dedicated to me by saying “Lily! Buy me, it's cheap!”.

With promoz like this, even wild horses can’t keep me away. I will definitely (MOST DEFINITELY) make a bee line to it. I mean, what were they thinking right!?; especially to a travelholic like me. Have some consideration please guys…. Sigh.

Well, you know that curiosity kills the cat, when it comes to blogger posting interesting or weird (especially weird) places; how could a “holic” like me resist. Monkey see, monkey do; that’s what they say about me and THIS monkey will go/do it even better (so this perasan monkey claim lar).

Guess what? Us birds of a feather, stay together; how true with blogging. Found great travelholics that I find sync in (THANKS Biqque, Chawanna, MKL etc)… life ain’t that bad after all, am no more alone (but that doesn’t mean they don’t have my sickness).

Having said that, am no proud peacock, just that… well…. I kinda have a whale of a time where & when I travel. You see; whenever I travel - I felt like the world stood still and I am the immortal one (yeah right, DRAMA LILY as usual!?!). The truth is... I just have to travel AND I must travel = SIMPLE. PERIOD.

Sometimes it IS so bad that 2 month of no-traveling feels like donkey years to me, or maybe donkey + mule years…. Hemm… hippopotamus years perhaps, since it IS bigger?!

Anyway… so, the question of my sickness is……. after all the monkey, worms, peacock, horses, beaver, bee etc etc etc…. Am I still a human? Or an animal? Or half (since I DID get bitten by a travel bug ?!?! Just like spiderman?)…?



P/S : Am perfectly ok, gotten an inspiration to write some gibberish.Gonna have my catnap now.


(Or perhaps it should MEOW instead?)

Hyperlink credits : Air Asia, Beauty in Darkness, Chawanna, My Kafkaesque Life
, all pics are from my own personal collection.


Kellie Collis said...

Well, of all the sickness in the world, this one I do not want you to get well of! Enjoy the beautiful day! Kellie xx

Ribbonlicious said...

How great, a travel bug?! :D
The pcitures from the cat is funny xD

J_on_tour@jayzspaze said...

Great post about the disease of travel bugs and I'm warming greatly to your style of writing. It's funny to see your book collection ...It's like mine... I have the identical books on Warsaw, Amsterdam, Cracow and 100 great cities of the world !! Free plane seats, thats unbelievable, I was recently a frequent flyer and once got a £10 voucher from Easyjet ( the airline gives away very little due to their prices), but ... my wings have been clipped for 2010.

Shingo T said...

*attempts to hypnotise Lily*

You will obey the Master. And the Master says go and travel.

Go and travel, Lily.
Go and travel, Lily.
Go and travel, Lily.

Lily Riani said...


i dont intend to, not so soon at least. thanks.


ehheheh... its my sis cat - ebiko.


really? exactly the same, i have one box full, one day i shall take a pic and post on in.

it is rather cheap, you should try as Air Asia flies to London as well.

fufu said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhh i wanna get the free ticket but not sure what's my plan for end of next year >< bvut lucky airasia always has promotion and special offer once a worries

Biqque said...

u memang gile :)

Lily Riani said...

shingo t,

hypnotised = successful.

packing my back and left to airport already.


yeah, when you are back, we shall tarvel together gatherness with all the travelholic in malaysia.


ahahhahhaha...... tengah bosan kan, malas nak blog about hawaii.

Rajesh said...

Great to know this. I am also same as you. Travel freak.

Traveller's Anatomy said...

infectious and un-cureable hehe...
mine still swell now!

Ola said...

First of all, thanks for visiting my blog, I appreciate it very much:) secondly, you seem to be similiar to me-reading books& travelling are my favourite ways of spending my time:) Greetings from Poland!

Lily Riani said...


great. another "holic"


permanent swelling? ehhehhe....


my pleasure. great! now i have another travel buddy. we can exchange stories and visit each other.

Gracie said...

I have a bad case of wanderlust and I would love to travel so much more than I'm doing. I adore travel books and I have a lovely little collection at home.

eugene said...

Hey,, now that you must start another blog of teaching the readers how to travel the ways that you do...

seriously, you will draw droves of readers, simply because you are hands on..right?

think bout it ya?

en_me said...

chomeynyerr kucing tewww.. ehehe

Lily Riani said...


wanderlust! i love that word, i didnt i think of that. do share the books you have, perhaps I can source some here in malaysia.


am not that good as yet (but appreciate your high thoughts of me though). i probably incorp some in my blog. thank soooo much for your suggestion, appreciate it especially from experience blogger like you :D



gleenn said...

I love books and I love to travel too. :)

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Nicole said...

You are too cute! I was just talking to my favorite barista this morning about how everyone around us was getting sick! Then, I read your blog and thought, OH NO, IT'S TRUE! I'm glad to know that you caught the travel bug. :]

Martina said...

If this is a sickness, it's a very nice one! Enjoy it, while it's there ;)
Have a fun day!

Lily Riani said...


thanks for dropping by my blog, appreciate it.


hahahha... sorry to cause you panic. hope i entertained you though.


am trying my bext to enjoy it ;)

iheartkiwi said...

If you are going to be sick, the travel bug is a good one to have!

I am addicted to travel and travel books. I just picked up a great guide to Egypt from National Geographic!

Team G Square said...

Nice one how true , there are so many travel sick .we too are very very sick . Never want to get well .I wish no recovery for you from this .

Lily Riani said...


oh! i love natgeo books as weel, i surf their website from time to time. are you going to egypt soon ;)

Team G Square,

hahahaha.....thats a good one. thanks for visiting my blog by the way.

friscodaniel said...

Phew, now this is what I call real travel holic!

Lily Riani said...


ahhahaha.... thanks.

fatt said...

Lily, is that ur CAT????? lovely gile...geramnya tengok @__@

kadang2 kan aku pun rasa macam apa yg ko cakap..sampai aku rasa kena cari cara utk stop diri aku dari tengok website AA sbb setiap kali tengok aku akan jadi cam gile sebab nak beli & beli & beli...erghh!!

but since aku dah aim something utk 2013, so aku kena stop beli apa2 tiket mulai thn depan. aku tgh plan 1 trip yg mega...not europe..tapi tempat lain & hopefully akan berjaya la..Insya Allah :)

Jard The Great said...

fatt cam plan nak jumpa boifren oversea dia ja. hehehe..

yeahhhh.. aku pon kena penyakit yg sama!

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