Monday, January 3, 2011

Best Give-away Ever! And Ever Ever!


~ 3 weeks contest sticky post ~

As mentioned in my FB, I have plan to do a give-away, but malas giler (lazy basically) but I still have to do one eventually right (to strike out my to do list for 2010). I think think, and I think even more; YUP! I am lazy!!! So, I thought, why should I re-invent the wheel if it has been doing great job right (by someone else WHICH I will definitely give credit to later later in this entry, worry not my dear friend Hehehhee....).

Soooooooo..... What am gonna do is that, I will merge Biqque's greatest give-away idea with my lazy uncreative idea. Tah dah!!! There you have it.... a contest from MOI! I feel somewhat half smart (can't be blaming me right, after all; it's holiday season, I kinda left my brain IN THE OFFICE... haahahahahaa). Thanks Biqque in advance yek!

Here how it goes...
1) Create an entry with this title : Globetrotter Best Give-Away Ever!
2) Copy paste the above picture into your post and link back to this post.
3) Guess the below:
a. Which iPod model or name : ie Nano/Shuffle etc
b. What is the size or capacity : in GB
c. Who is the guy on the pic : Artist full name and the song displayed (Optional for song but it's a bonus)
4) Describe briefly what other info should Globetrotter include in her blog AND why you should win this gift (Remember! There's 2 part here).
5) Be my visible follower. (Optional but it's a bonus lar).
6) Leave a comment of your link entry in this post (Very the important, for me to cari you).

The WINNER will win the above iPod.
(Kid you not!!!)

Terms & Conditions
o Give-away duration : 1 Jan - 21 Jan 2011
o Winner announcement : 30 Jan 2011 (So long to judge right? In case I was traveling and can't check blog mah...)
o Open to Malaysian and Singaporean resident bloggers only (that is, if you don't mind receiving it when I visit Singapore somewhere in 1st half 2011 :D ).
o Each blogger is limited to 1(one) entry (To be fair to the rest)
o Organizer (Globetrotter) reserves the right to substitute the gift with another gift of a similar value at any time without prior notice (Juuuuust in case I lose it or it got stolen, mintak simpang!)
o Organizer (Globetrotter) decision is final (Ceh wah! Rasa cam judge lak...hehehhee..)

Like real real or not? Hahhaha..... Sorry for making it tougher, but but but... it's an expensive gift!

What are you waiting for, start surfing the net and typing.

You could be the lucky winner!



hidayah hussin said...

wow kak lily...this is...hard! haha. tp sgt berbaloi dgn hadiah

Anonymous said...

ok da tau tp nk describe tu yg ssh skit...i'll try ok

Wenny Yap said...

aiyo so susah leh ... but i think i'm going to try once i get out of this lazy spell. ipod yar? no change change something else yar?

Lily Riani said...


senang jek, cover nih cuma model nih ajek yang ada. google pun leh dpt. try tau.


sure leh describe nye... hadiah berbaloi wor.


try try, somemore you know me form blog and fb, heheheh... sudah lama follow lagi, shud be a piece of cake for you. and you always write nice2 in your blog wor...:D

Wind said...

Happy New Year and my best thoughts from Romania!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I was here, asking for friendship. ;) Would you like to follow each others blogs? Belated Happy New Year. :D

Rafael Lam said...

Happy New Year!! ^.^

Miles Of Style said...

oh my!! this is like a new year bonanza! can't wait to see which lucky gal wins this one...its so generous of you to host such a huge giveaway!

Have a fabulous 2011 swty! Wishing you lots of exciting travels in the coming year!

xo, Persis.

Netster said...

This is an awesome contest! Will try to do it hehehehe

Happy New Year! :)

I mention you in my latest post, Thank you for 2010.

Cheers & regards,

Lily Riani said...


gee.. thanks, really appreciate it. happy new year to you too.


hey! havent hear from you in a while. happy new year to you too :D

Lily Riani said...

❥ ќʀɨsтɨиɑ,

Sure. Happy New Year.


Hello dearie! Hope you are doing fine, have a blessed new year and pray 2011 will be kind to us all :D


Please please please participate! Really? I go check it out now. Happy New Year.


Shingo T said...

I won't be taking part in this, I'm too lazy to take part in quizzes, though I must admit the prize is VERY attractive.

Wishing you a happy year 2011. Your cheerfulness will bring you far, Lily! Travel more and do what you do the best!

Sandy said...

Happy New Year to you and yours, hope the new year brings only good things for you.
Good luck to all who enter the contest

ColeAndJosephine said...

Lol! I love your giveaway short cut!

Bananazஇ said...

Aduh kepala still in idle mood..You have a super great 2011 ya.

MKL said...

Good luck to all of you. Lily, you have a big heart. That's why I'm wishing you a happy new year :D

Lily Riani said...

shingo t,

same to you. too bad you cant participate :D

have a blessed enw year


happy new year to you too. travel and story us more :D


ehhehe.... yup! lazy bum i am.

Lily Riani said...


thanks! and have a blessed new year :D


so do you master yoda of bloggerland. hahahah... have a blessed new year and may 2011 be kind to us blogger.

Mariani said...

Hello Lily

Happy New Year.....

want to join quiz.... too bad i dun have blog....

Biqque said...

hahahahaha crazy hard! who the heaven is the artist la dey! hahahaha! senget2 kepala i tengok...

nanti i try tgk test!

come all, you can also join my contest here:

hidayah hussin said...

hehe. kak lily, the brand tu tau dah. the capacity pon bleh teka2. but the guy dlm screen tu..still got no idea lah sape. xpe2...mase masih ade

Lily Riani said...


i've tried googling, jumpa... (kot2 ler susah sgt, kesian lak kat semua)ehheh... clue dia first generation of that model, cari kotak, sure jumpa soheh2. kira 1G ler gituh...

Biqque said...

wokeh! sudah kowtim! nanti i buat entry :D

Biqque said...


Anonymous said...

gudluck guys...

hidayah hussin said...

ok kak lily...done!

Lily Riani said...


your the first, kira cam hilary clinton ler nih - the first lady, powerful tuh. thanks for joining.


thanks thanks thanks... i masuk submission list.


great! time kasih. :D

Ola said...

Happy New Year with a lot of new and interesting travels!

dager said...

Hi Lily!

Received your wonderful card from Singapore today...
Hope you had a great time there!!

Thanks a lot!
Best Wishes for 2011!! Hopefully a year to visit a lot of new places.:D:D


Martina said...

Happy New Year Lily! Gosh, what a great giveaway! Hope i will have time to participate in time. Cheers to you dear one, to many more travel-adventures ;)

eugene said...

I want i want but then again dear, i know nut about this ,,so how lah...? never mind if someone wins it,let me know i bet him or her to give it to me, but then again nothing is best in this world..

i am glad that you are so generous, may this generosity of yours yields you more blessing,,,,

hey,what you should add on your travel blog is to show us how we should plan our travel,in the most economy way ,hahahahahhahahah

lastly i want i want Ipod,, mine MP3 just went kaput,,,,,,,hint hint,,,

take care now ya

Lily Riani said...


thank you for your kind and generous wishes.

dager, hope you like it, am traveling more, stay tune yah! :D


i plan to do one internaionally too. stay tune.


you should try to masuk lar, you sooo good in writting. try lar...

but i will take that into consideration, we do plan in costing but i didnt share, perhaps next time i share out.

MiszPumpkin said...

Salam..mcm susah akn cube gak..:P..thanks for invite me..:)

Nadia Kamal said...

wah..susah ni... insyaAllah i masuk... thanks for inviting anyway

CikLilyPutih said...

aduh ipod pun.. soalan memang nampak susah. but i'll to make it.. hehhehehe

Lily Riani said...


Thanks yek.


kawaban dah tertera pung... eheheh. cuba ler.


it will be great if you masuk :D

cikpuanhady said...

ala..dah terlepas...

Jom skodeng :Pendapatan Sampingan Berblog dengan

Jom join :Ada 2 contest yang boleh disertai

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