Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Watery & Outdoor Wednesday | Hold

Sometimes I wish I had no pride
I'd go off and sell my soul
But how do you say goodbye

To the only truth you've known

Hey, that's okay-come on around and get yourself together

Won't you come on around and hold an old friend's hand
Babe, baby I promise not to throw you

You don't have to stay, I just want to hold you

Won't you come on around
and hold an old friend's hand

~ This pic reminded me of Tiffany' song Hold An Old Friend’s Hand, love the lyric ~

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Biqque said...


Lily Riani said...


morib. u kan pegi, saw your weds blog ari tuh.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Happy Outdoor Wednesday, and thank you for visiting me.

Love your photo, and did you make up the lyrics? Good job.

You asked me where the house was located. It's in St. Augustine, Florida. Glad you liked it.


Sheila :-)

Debby said...

I love this photo. The angle and the silhouettes are great.

John said...

Beautiful photo, thanks for sharing.

More Watery Wednesday here

George said...

I really like your picture. It's a great photo for Watery Wednesday.

Gracie said...

Ahh lovely image and lyrics. :)

Nikki . said...

Love this photo... the silhouettes of all the people are very dramatic.

Lily Riani said...


thanks for dropping by my blog and giving lovely comment.

florida? been there but visited only disneyworld.


thanks for kind compliment.


thanks, appreciate it.


it was a nice place, all i did was capturing it the best way i can.

Lily Riani said...


thanks dear.


really? gee... thanks!

Miles Of Style said...

mesmerizing photograph and lines. did you take this lovely picture?

Kellie Collis said...

Gorgeous shot! What a lovely post! Enjoy the beautiful day, Kellie xx

Bananazą®‡ said...

Cant help thinking about the Beatles 'I wanna hold you hand' haha. Nice pix with the sun and the reflection. ~;).

Martina said...

Pretty photo - romantic somehow, and lovely with the text. Watery here as well - it's raining ;)

Lily Riani said...


yup, pic of my sis and niece at one of the beach in malaysia.


thanks sweetie.


ahhahaha... i always think of that song when i am with my 2 nieces.


thats dear, watery indeed

Life Ramblings said...

great picture and beautiful lyrics to match.

Emm said...

Wow. That is an exquisite photograph! Beautiful!

Lily Riani said...

Life Ramblings,

thank you so much.


glad that you like it.

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