Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kiddo at HEART!

I really think am the luckiest girl in the world (since am not filthy rich!), I get to cover so many Disney. I think my quest of covering Disney is coming to an end, as now I have one more left to go which is in L.A - Disneyland Aneheim. Somehow, am not in a hurry for this.

My first Disney trip was to Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida. I think it was more then 10 years ago. Ever since, Mr. Walt got me addicted.

I don't why Disney makes you feel like a kid again, how did Mr. Walt wave his wand and create this magic - in a breeze; it is simply amazing. I have to give it to that old man, he's an extraodinaire. As much as I always TRY to act nonchalant in the beginning or before arriving that is, but once I am at the entrance, all this excitement and emotion kicks right in! It's like - Lily TRANSFORM!!!! To a kid (not that I act like an adult often. Hhahaha..... but this gives good excuse for me to be cheeky even more!)

Ok, so now you can see how my pic taking skill evolve (as well as my weight!!! I do look pretty looooooooong time ago. Ahaks!), somehow hair remains the same length though. Strangely, I've cut my hair so many a time, but during these trips, it happens to be the same length. Hemm....

Ahh.... my 2nd Disneyland trip and it's in Europe - Paris. This was a shocker plus the fact that we went there during winter.

Shock 1 - Smaller then DisneyWorld - obviously, one is "land" and the other "world"
Shock 2 - All in french...?!?! hehehe.... cute though
Shock 3 - Hardly any people (because on winter probably), hence I rode Magic Mountain 3 times (YUP!!) WITHOUT queuing
Shock 4 - I thought it looked pinkish then blueish... hemmm...

Ahhhh....... Luck on my side (despite I don't fancy Paris so much), I went to Paris Disneyland yet again. Well, actually I went twice on that trip, one was I paid to go in (of cos), another one was with Anna during her company night (paid for) - Thanks Novell!

Ah.... My very 1st Asia Disneyland visit - Hong Kong Disneyland. FINALLY! One comment - SMALL! I mean SMALLEST!

Kiasu! 2nd trip to Disneyland Hong Kong the following year, of coz this wasn't planned, it was my MVP Award.

Yeay! I finally made it to the only DisneySEA (Japan) in the world. I was sooooooooo excited! Ofcoz, this means I didnot go to their Japan Disneyland. Oh yah! They have 2 Disneys (land & sea) there.
Well, next visit? *wink wink*

My first Universal Studio, I forego Disneyland Aneheim for this, not sure whether it's the right move I've made!? Hemm... Oh well....

This one is much smaller then the one in LA, but this will do for now. I have one more to go I think, which is the one in Osaka, Japan. Hoping to go there end this year. And I heard Seoul, Korea building one and will be ready by 2012. Hemm..... Looks like I have my travel planned up till 2012 then. Hhahahaa....

See you in Osaka & Seoul

PS : I just googled, apparently one in Orlando too. And new one will be in Dubai aside from Korea. The one in Spain has closed down.


eugene said...

I can't afford to even to go one Disney,left alone covering all, hahahah, you must be one blessed lad lah,,

anyway,now have to save save and save to take family for holiday already,,,

Emm said...

Heh. It is strange how perspectives differ depending on where we are and where we are from. I hadn't heard of any Disney lands or worlds other than Orlando, LA and Paris until very recently.

Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando is the largest and most visited resort in the whole world and the whole city is full of resorts. You have to get a 7 or 10 day pass to even see half of it.

BlueEwoke said...

Lily: u sgt comel in the 1st pic!!!

Diana Diane Teo said...

I also loves Disneyland and I had only went 3 Disneyland currently - Hong Kong, Paris and one is Disneysea in Tokyo :)

When I was in Disney, just like what you said, makes me feel like a little kid where no worries and care free.

J_on_tour@jayzspaze said...

Have fun planning your trip, Disney Globetrotter !!

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