Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Small Contribution As A Traveler ( #CSR )

I had a chat with Fariz of Out of the box, up and about (seriously, I can't remember whether it's via tweeter, blog, Facebook or face-to-face) and he was telling this great idea that inspired me hence I'm adopting. Boleh kan? Hehehehhee....

He wanted to donate/leave a Malaysia travel book (on any book on Malaysia) at guesthouses/hostels where he stayed during his trips. He said it was his little way of promoting Malaysia, encourage reading and perhaps recycling *smile*, his own version of  "Fariz Give Back" (ceh wahh..... *wink*). I thought it was a great idea that travelers can adopt. We really should guys!

When I heard of the Big Bad Wolf Aftermath Sale, I said to myself - PERFECT!

I rushed back on Sunday from my company kick-off trip to shop at BBW (drove like a speed demon; me). Jard said she would like to go too, I wanted to ask Adam to join but he is in Kelantan pulak, so it was Jard and I and book hunting time.

Got myself 10 books on Malaysia (old print/edition with basic info, it'll do) and 15 books on Sarawak. Very satisfied and happy of myself, ahhhh...... a feel good moment.

I did get a few scrap books for fun!

I received this book from a friend and I think I should get a few more to give-away.
Let's read!


Fariz Low said...

Thank you Lily.

Actually it was through chat and also #ttot =)

Mimie said...

Good idea...this is cool!

Janggel / Rain said...

I tinggalkan jejak je (dalam toilet) dengan harapan supaya dapat datang kembali ke situ hahahaaa.

Azuan said...

very good idea!

hlga said...

mari membiasakan diri untuk membaca

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