Thursday, August 29, 2013

Agalico Garden and Tea Room | Bangkok, Thailand

Third time is a charm they say. I agree.

After more than 10 trips to Bangkok, one can easily ran out of ideas on how to fill-up their days here, of course there’s always shopping and Thai massage (and more shopping) but I need something new and refreshing. After toying with few ideas such gym, walking at Lumpini Park and Tom Yam-ing (‘hashtag’ lame), I was pretty devastated; ‘This is it?’ I said to myself, ‘Like, really?’.  I am sure this cute-little-creative-brain of mine can conjure something better, something different, something new or something... Just SOMETHING. ANYTHING. Then one fine day, I saw a retweet from Diana Teo on thematic cafes around Bangkok and I was… ecstatic, that’s it! I shall do this, café hunting!

#TravelTips | How to get to Agalico Garden & Tea Room Bangkok, Thailand (pictorial)

My café hunting prejourneybegins – googling, searching for tweets, sliver dropping (ops) etc, I have to say that I am very impress with their café themes, it’s pretty much endless; from standard light meal café to dessert only café, from décor themed café to Japanese chain café, nothing stops them, so much so that I got confuse to which I should try first. Well, I finally narrowed down to four must try (see) cafés in Bangkok that are easily accessible, starting with Agalico Garden and Tea Room.

Love at the first sight. Period.

I was in awe with the place that for the first time ever I was speechless (instead of jumping and shrieking with joy). Located in a Burmese-colonial building, one would marvel the all white concept, decorated with Ming blue and white ornaments combine with nature greenery. Sense of calmness and tranquility the moment you step inside, as if it took you to another parallel world where the time stood still, where the British ladies sipping their Earl Grey and children enjoying their English scones. What can be more perfect than this. 

The detailing.

To the dot. Weaving our Asian touch with colonial décor perfected the mood. Everything was well thought of, I especially fell in love with the way they play with sunlight, it look so beautiful as the morning sun shines thru the living hall. Purity.

The Garden.

The courtyard able to fit small group of guest and the quaint white gazebo as garden centre piece completes it. Wedding bells? *smile*


Diana Diane Teo said...

Love the cafe design and concept. Someday if I am going BKK again, will do cafe-hunting like. Alamak! This time must go BKK more than a week. So many things to do and see.

Bookworm.Travel said...

Love your post on cafe hunting. Good for my future reference

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