Monday, October 14, 2013

#TravelTips | How to get to Agalico Garden & Tea Room Bangkok, Thailand (pictorial)

I have blogged earlier on Agalico Garden and Tea Room in Bangkok, Thailand, you can read it HERE and check out some of the pictures below. 

I bet some of you guys are curious on how to get to this beautiful enchanted place right, I hereby sharing and guiding you my 'how to get to...' in pictorial format. Hope this helps.

Garden view lounge.

All white cafe.

1. Take the BTS train heading towards Bearing and stop at Thong Lo Station.

2. Thong Lo Station. The number shown in the circle indicates the BTS train cost.

3. Head towards the above building upon reaching Thong Lo Station or ask the ticket counter the direction to Bangkok Prep School.

4. Get down on the right side of the station, you will see the Bangkok Prep School immediately.

5. Bangkok Prep School.

6. Walk further down after Bangkok Prep School (7 mins walk).

7. After a 150-200 meter walk, turn right at Soy 51.

8. You will see a white building that house Agalico Garden and Tea Room (3 mins walk from the junction).

9. Agalico Garden & Tea Room Bangkok!

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