Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Immortalize Touch 'n Go Photocard (#MYPassMalaysia)

"You're kidding me right?!?!"
"I also want!!!!!" (a typical Manglish demand)

My 'Immortalize Touch 'n Go' Photocard.
And yes, I got mine. Proud.

Hear ye, hear ye!

Do you know that Touch 'n Go provides this service - Touch 'n Go Photocard. Or beautifully and proudly describe as "Capture and immortalize unforgettable moments onto a Touch 'n Go Photocard". That's it, the kiasu in me screamed "I'm sold" and the rest is history.

Little did I know that the breezy outing I participated with MYPass organized by Touch 'n Go and the information I gathered brought me to own my personalized or should I say "immortalized" photocard *grin*. 

It all started with MYPass outing...
MYPass outing was fun, taking us around town using the newly launch MYPass card for us to experience the convenient and affordable way of traveling, not to be mistaken; this card not only suitable for foreigner but for locals as well (curious now huh!).

The new MYPass is basically a prepaid cum discount flashcard (a 2-in-1 card) issued by Touch ‘n Go. Aside from the standard TnG-for-toll use that we are familiar with, this new MYPass can be used to pay for public transport, retail stores, F&B, theme parks, attractions etc.

That is not all, it also comes with discount vouchers (alot of them!), all you need to do is present the card along with the voucher to enjoy discounts and other exclusive benefits.

I will share with you what and how we utilise the MYPass card in my next entry. Meanwhile, let me feel proud owning and showing-off my own (and NEW *hint*) "blog-header-Touch 'n Go-card"! Jealous much?

Proud owner of Photocard!

PS : The Photocard is totally different from MYPass, it's one of the service made available by Touch 'n Go. (This is a scheduled post)

A #MYPassMalaysia Blogger Outing


acentris said...

So handsooommmeeeeee (me) :')

acentris said...

Handsome lah akuuu :p

acentris said...

Handsome lah akuuu :p

Lily Riani said...


#chantiqque #choumelle

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