Friday, November 1, 2013

Travel made Easy, only in Malaysia

Easy peasy way to travel in Malaysia.
Convenient + benefits = Perfect.

This is the MYPass I was talking about earlier, read HERE. This MYPass prepaid cum discount flashcard issued by Touch ‘n Go allows you to use at participating public transport, retail stores, F&B, theme parks, attractions and etc. Aside from the card, you will also get a discount voucher booklet as well as a HotLink SIM voucher. 

For you to utilise the vouchers, you will need to present the card along with the voucher to enjoy discounts and other exclusive benefits. Where else for the HotLink SIM voucher, you can redeem it at dedicated Maxis outlet in the city centre and refund of the MYPass can be made at Touch ‘n Go Hub (HERE).

We were taken around Kuala Lumpur on foot, by bus and train just so that we have the first hand experience. We were also given free time of 1.30 hours to grab our lunch using either the vouchers or make payment via the MYPass card, for us to get the feel of it. My verdict? Convenient, easy and cheap (utilised the vouchers with discount *grin*).

Having said that, some of the restaurants might have new employees (yet to be briefed) hence you might encounter some communication breakdown or the need to clarify or explain to them, but this can be resolved quickly, not to panic (I experienced the same *smile*).

So, let me share the activities we had with MYPass card.

Purchasing the ERL ticket to KLIA. Yes, we went to KLIA (first stop).

At Central Market for souvenirs shopping with participating outlets.

Experiencing the Hop-On Hop-Off bus via MYPass card.

KL Tower is one of the participating tourist attraction.

Kuala Lumpur view on KL Tower Open Deck.

Spa too *cheeky smile*.

MYPass Card Easy Guide.

Great experience with great friends.

A #MYPassMalaysia Blogger Outing


Unknown said...

Everything you need as a traveler in Malaysia in one packet! Love how they included discounts and benefits to the best of KL and MY. Great product! :)

Lily Riani said...


Kinda true.... :)

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