Monday, November 11, 2013

Day 4d | Floating Garden and Jumping Cats Monastery

 Curiousity kills the cat.
Perfect title! *grin*

The curiousity got the best in me. 
Wanted to know how this floating garden looks like and expect it looking like Amsterdam during tulip season is abit too much, I know, hahaahahaaa.... still, no harm in dreaming high *cheeky smile*. We told the boatman to take us to the floating garden, our second last stop for the day.

I kept wondering how the locals "built" this garden, did a little research and found out that the locals gather up lake-bottom weeds from the deeper parts of the lake and make them into floating beds in their garden areas, anchored by bamboo poles (courtesy of Wikipedia). And I further found out that the gardens rise and fall according to the tide and what makes it so interesting is that it also resistant to flooding. That is not all, they are able to cultivate rice here too.

I asked where are all the flowers since we only saw few patches here and there (to our disappointment) and I was surprised by the answer, apparently the plants here are planted according to the season, and now - tomato. Yup! T.O.M.A.T.O.

I learnt that if I can actually balance myself well, I can take better pictures when standing. Hence I was having fun standing half the journey and taking pictures - Titanic sangat. Hhahahahhaha...

I really want the boat to go into the aisle but since it on private property and gated (Yeah... gated! Don't play-play). None was "open" for us to row in and snoop around.

The trip here was pretty quick since we can't get down and roam about, I do suggest that those coming here to check on the season. I have a feeling that it will be beautiful if the season is right, just imagine flowers or fruits floating on water; the colours, the smells and the view; it's going to be absolutely amazing.

Our last stop was located just 5-10 minutes away, Nga Phe Kyaung or Jumping Cats Monastery. Nothing special about this monastery just that it have plenty of cats. The history of this monastery was painted on the wall, so, do pay attention and read thru. 

Oh yah! The cats here are trained to jump through hoops.

This monastery was built on teak wood on stilt surrounded by the water and floating gardens. A beautiful monastery and definitely a beautiful sight. And the famous Burmese cats? Even more beautiful!

Souvenir area in the monastery.

Inle Lake in the evening.

Map courtesy of Asia Pearl Travels.

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Unknown said...

picture perfect!!!

Unknown said...

Cun la tempat ni..kena cari tiket murah utk kesekian kali!

Ren said...

cantiknya tali air tu..

Lily Riani said...


Thank you, appreciate it.


I pun pikiq nak gi lagi but masa winter tau else panas terbakar.


terima kasih dari kami taliair seisi keluarga.

nanadhoi said...

nice pics!

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