Friday, August 16, 2013

Day 4c | Hiking to Shwe Inn Thein Pagoda

Regardless whether you have traveled to 3 countries, 13 countries or even 30 countries, a destination will awe and left you to wonder.

The sunrise ‘danseur’ mesmerized me, the vibrant market hues overwhelmed me and if that is not enough, Myanmar swept me away with their gold and rustic stupas. Our journey at Indein begins with a slow mid day stroll to the entrance, seeing locals setting up stalls and cleaning up by the river while busy chatting and getting ready to start their day. And they, looking nonchalantly at us with tiny glimpse of inner curiosity wondering what are we doing at this village of theirs.

Shwe Inn Thein Stupas or Indein Pagoda is the reason we are here today, remembering the photos we saw we then set our mission to conquer yet another historical site. We were told that there are 2 routes for us to take upon arriving at the entrance, a nature hiking trail and a long ancient passageway, both sound intriguing. Living up to our name, travelers (kiasu) and wanting to experience both; we decided to take the nature path heading there and the ancient passageway on our way back. And that, was the best decision made.

Everything about the stupas were fascinating, from the history to the architecture, from the tales to the colours; nothing was spared, everything counted (literally). Tale was told that the first religious stupas was built in 20th year of the Buddhist Calendar (need verification) by the great missionary emperor Thiridhamman Thawka (King Asoka).

804 pillars supported the passageway leading to the main the Shrine of the Inn Thein Buddha, along this passageway we spot some stalls selling souvenirs, and there are also smaller stupas located along this passage way. We manage to grab some souvenirs here and impressively cheaper than other places.

On the way back we were greeted by a group of housewives peeling onions, unfortunately none able to tell us what is it for; for a festival, to market it or for own consumption, guess it will remain a mystery.

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m.u.l.a.n said...

awesomw... belum ke sini lagi...

Wa said...

Gambar first tu memeng shanthek Lily :)

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