Monday, October 7, 2013

Lamin Dana - Love at the first sight in Sarawak

Love At First Sight. And I can't deny.

Love at the first sight the moment I saw its unique name, the first time I read, the moment I laid my eyes. 

Lamin Dana. The epitome of culture and tribe love for Melanau heritage.

Bridging the past and the present, the old and young, the world and Mukah, Diana Rose passion drove her to embark in a fulfilling journey to share Melanau wonderful heritage with the world by introducing Lamin Dana on 14 February, 1999. A sense of ownership to her beloved Melanau tribe, Diana Rose is a living prove that where there's a will, there's a way. Now it is internationally known, news coverage came from local, national and foreign medias the likes of History Asia - Hidden Cities, Wild Asia talking about Lamin Dana, Mukah iconic traveler destination.

Lamin Dana Cultural Boutique is located at Tellian Village in Mukah hinterland, a 3 hours drive from Sibu town. Mukah can also be reached by flight via MASwings from Kuching or speedboat via Dalat from Sibu, either route would be enlightening as Sarawak scenery is known to be very diversified and soulful.

"Lamin Dana means traditional house in archaic Melanau" is what Diana Rose wants to do, conserving and reviving her Melanau heritage. Built as a boutique guesthouse with proper local activity packages, its main objective is to ensure Melanau culture and history are well preserved for future generation and made known to the world.

Traditionally a fishermen, padi and sago farmers, Melanau are among the earliest settlers in Sarawak, previously known as "A-Likou" meaning 'people of the river' until the tribe name Melanau was given. Sago being the staple food here, are normally systematically planted and cultivated for it's produce.

Terendak a distinct Melanau craft. 

Sago palm tree is fully utilized; leaves, trunk even the worms are eaten (alive or cooked). Here at Lamin Dana, showcased local handicrafts and food made from sago. Not only that, Diana also displays Melanau music instruments, kitchen and earth wares, as well as traditional costumes.

Melanau traditional costumes are the pride of their tribe, their female donned in kurung with sarong and sometimes worn with kepih and belt where else the male in simple Baban costume. The Melanau is pretty much fashion forward as they benefited the best of both world, the detail handicraft and the Malay kurung with a touch of local accessories. 

Terendak or sunhat is weaved by skilled Melanau women from sago palm strips, sang leaves and rattans. Colourful and intricate design paired with delightful patterns terendak is normally used in Pesta Kaul, it is also said that even P.Ramlee uses it in some of his famous movies.

Able to accommodate family and single travelers, Lamin Dana ensures that guest experienced the best of Melanau heritage and Mukah scenes. Providing guest with "Sago Experience" where guests are exposed to how and why Sago is made, boat ride along the river and mangroves at sunsets, basket weaving hands-on experience or learning simple traditional Melanau culinary are some of the activities offered here. Wanting to share Lamin Dana with the world, Diana has also prepared a "3D2N Student Culture Package" where she can cultivate the younger generation to love our culture, heritage and history. Her gift to Melanau tribe, Sarawak and Malaysia.   

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Khai said...

Cantik!! Sangat tradisional dan penuh kebudayaan. As I am a student again now, blehla I amek the package eh kalau pegi. Hehehe

azuan said...

A nice place! I was here during my twin otter daytrip to Mukah. Tak sangka ada such place. Hope it can survive despite the rather low no of visitors.

Lily Riani said...


ambek, jgn tak ambek. jerunei... tuh kena tgk ok... i belum blog sbb panjang sangat.


i read, i read 3x ok... i tak buat semua2 yg you buat tuh :)

lain kali dok kat lamin dana and datang masa pesta kaul!

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