Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Manual Roller Coaster at Datanla Falls in Dalat, Vietnam

Datanglah to Datanla.
That would make a good tagline :)

I felt so welcome here in Datanla Falls, maybe because the word Datanla sounded like datanglah which means "welcome" in Malay language.

Datanla basically means water under the leaves in Vietnamese language. According to folklore, the villagers dived under the water that was covered by leaves to hide themselves, this helped to save the village from their enemies. Of course there are a few other folklore pertaining to this place such as the fairies story as well as the two lovers story, regardless; one must visit this beautiful place.

My sis and I did some researches of what to do and where to go here in Dalat, we practically veto-ed everyone (no one suggested anything pun, hahahaa). So, we decided that Datanla Falls MUST be in the list of places to visit! Must. 


3 reason why you should visit Datanla Falls 
  • The name itself is welcoming, duh...
  • Nature. How one not like god's creation.
  • Waterfall, rides, green, rides.... did I mention rides?
We were looking at the routes, the ride is a must. Obviously. (salah blur lak)

Brake! Check out the brake!

We took the Alpine Coaster ride and found out that it is manually operated, which means you will slide/glide downwards and to stop it, one requires to lift the brake (just like a car). How super cool is that!

The truth is, this ride kinda scare me as I can't gauge the speed nor how and when do I need to pull the brake but like Nike's tagline, we decided "Just Do It"; and we did just that.

The ever so popular travel blogger Jardness being selfish by not wanting to share her ride. Kiasu!

That is how the ride is.... scary? Neh....

Sis and I let the toboggan glide downwards reaching its full speed (and us screaming at the same time) until we saw the toboggan in front of us stop to enjoy the view. WHAT???? We creamed "MOVE! Don't stop!! MOVE!!!", we had no choice but to lift the brake FAST, while giggling. This cycle continues till the end of the ride... We had a blast!

Then we tried the "home-made cable car". YES! This is a DIY cable car, only one car. ONE. Yes, going down the canyon.

Then somewhere out of the blue there is a lift going down, we were like.... what? This is the weirdest hiking place we ever been.

This is the area to view the waterfalls upon getting down from the cable car.

  • Datanla Entrance Fee : 10,000VND
  • Toboggan Ride : 20,000VND per way
  • Cable Car Ride : 10,000VND
  • Monkey Man Costume : 20,000VND (pic taking)
For those lazy to hike up, can take the toboggan up like us.

We. Had. Fun.


Jeff Chuah said...

Oh my god, that Alpine coaster ride seems like fun! I have to visit Vietnam again soon.

Unknown said...

hehehe cutenye cable car hijau sebijik tu... ni tempat ni dekat dengan Dalat tu ke?

Lily Riani said...


yes yes.... its amazing, there are few more interesting places I plan to discover :)


dia dalam provinsi dalat (provinsi gitew), waterfalls are one of dalat's attraction just that this particular one ada activities. yang lain waterfall je (and boating).

eyriqazz said...

Nice roller coaster...

p.s : easier to comment if no word verification..

Biqque said...

blh control sendri best skit. mcm i naik kat mutianyu masa nak turun dari great wall...sedap je layan corner, ada apek funfair tak pakai baju suh "slow-slow" sambil kipas ketiak! hahahaha!

Khai said...

haha. best giler roller coaster bawak sendiri. tapi pastu kalau dia tak nak gerak balik camne?

pelik giler tempat ni ada manual coaster, satu cable car and also a lift??

but the view, from your photos, memang nampak lawa sangat!

nanadhoi said...

macam seronok je naik alpine coaster tu, rasa eksaited pulak! :D

jard putnam said...

apsal i jadi model dlm blogpost neh? malu lah i!! haha

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