Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Catamaran Sailing in Club Med Cherating, Malaysia

Two things I always wanted to do in Cherating.
1. To stay in Club Med Cherating (I heard it's  the best)
2. To experience catamaran sailing

And I did both last year (striking out my checking list gleefully).

I am not going to dwell on how great Club Med is yadda yadda yadda, I mean who doesn't know what or where Club Med is right, so I just going straight to my point (read : bragging) - Zailing Ze Catamaran! Gitewwww... Oh yah! This was an office trip, so I wouldn't know the cost per pax, you might need to google for more info on this.

When I know I get to come here, I have set my mind to do 2 main activities which is catamaran sailing and archery, the rest... I will do as and when I manage to get out of the bed (katanya holiday kan kan kan). Guess what, little did I know everyone have the same brilliant idea as mine; like "what....?????". So, I have to skip sailing on the first day since the queue was long (eyes rolling, upset ok!) and plan for the next day. Yup! No difference on the queue but this time around I was smarter, I lepak at the area in case I can jump queue (kiasu tahap dewa dah nih).

While waiting for my turn, I surveyed the instructors that will be handling these catamarans, and I decided that I want him (see pic above) to be my instructor. MINE. Only MINE. #eh (Yes, I have to queue for him too apparently. Arghhhhh!!!! Tak pa, saya akur dengan nasib).

Jodoh adalah rahsia Allah, kita cuma boleh merancang, Tuhan yang menentukannya. So, I got him (see pic below) instead. Boleh lah....

Ok. He is macho too so I guess I am ok, but I was in for a surprise as he was kind (there were 4 of us on the catamaran [saya bukan berdating di lautan bersamanya, harap maklum, hahahhahah...]) and generous as he took us for an extra spin (must be my charm lah kot kan [fliphair]).

All we did was just sitting and enjoying the breeze and get tanner than necessary (sampai tak rupa orang dah) but I was very satisfied. Next round must try those on the Carribbean or Mediterranean Sea huh, I bet the feel would be more syok (high)!

My archery attempt failed with flying colours, the Spartans, the Ronins, even Katniss Everdeen would NOT want me in their team (Sebab bakal mengubah sejarah dunia dan movie kalau I masuk team dia orang. Hahhahaha.....). Seriously.

PS : Main archery pakai ballerina shoes (tepuk dahi).

My colleagues (Mak-mak, bapak-bapak kan? Sebab tuk I manja kat opis kot).

Some nice spot to chill-out.

Love this spot the best.

Few other activities you can try on this beach.

Done this in a few countries, decided to skip it.

This is the water sport beach, the accommodation is on the other side, you can either walk or take the tram here. This was my 'adventurous' activity in 2013 and I have even more and fun thing in store for 2014. Curious? *wink*


Bella Enveeus said...

Itu spot to chill out dengan bantal2 hijau oren yg comel adalah sangat ohsem. Tiba2 ter 'feel' angin bayu laut di muka. Ohh i need my beach holiday soon! :p

Jari Manis said...

the macho mana..i like tooo...ahaha...that's my taste ahaha

saerah80 said...

I love this place too.. siap main volleyball dengan staff hehe...tapi mahal nak mampus....nasib baik company trip...try circus tak?

Unknown said...

Hye, saya suka baca blog awak, baru-baru ni saya ada buat blog harap awk boleh singgah dan follow blog saya. :)

Sandy said...

I've sailed quite a bit, but a mono haul. Hubby's down the cat thing though and liked it. Looks like a beautiful spot to chill.

Traveling Suitcase

Anonymous said...

Wah, nampak macam sunburnt je tu! Hehe. Nice2. Tak pernah lagi pergi club med, nampak sangat ohsem!

Lily Riani said...


jom jom jom. BALIIIIII


kan kan.... go go go.


sama lah kite. co bayor, kalau tak, idak lerrr

Lily Riani said...


jom jom jom. BALIIIIII


kan kan.... go go go.


sama lah kite. co bayor, kalau tak, idak lerrr

Lily Riani said...


thanks :)


i hope to try in other countries too, to experience it. pray hard.


sunburnt? i rentung ok.... kalah arang.

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