Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Life = My Adventure (extreme [not?])

Life is an adventure, seize it, live it.

While writing my earlier entry, I have a vague idea to blog about this. Sorting them picture puzzle in my brain (while figuring where are those long gone forgotten pictures) was not easy, I did so many trips that many were not captured in that piece of 4R paper, what some would say "I capture memories not pictures", I rather have both. Yah, call me kiasu *smile*.

I start going through my folders which were saved in CDs, external HDD, Facebook, 2-3 notebooks, iPhones, iPad and thumb drives [note the plural in some gadgets, sigh....], narrowing down the activities and at the same time feeling proud to show off (ish... berdosa dak? Whatever.). 

So here is the list. My list. My Adventure List!

Said to be the first theme park in Malaysia, a weekend in Mimaland is like an exploration to fantasy land for little me; riding the splash (I even did the adult ones!) was extremely adventurous. So yah, I started young. Cool giler heh!

Other naughty stuff I did like setting my late dad boat engine on fire, walking home from school (Sg. Way to Kelana Jaya!), riding my bicycle to Kampung Tunku from Kelana Jaya (during primary school) etc was not capture in camera lah.... Nasib baik. Phew.... (kesat peluh).

Let's fast forward.

I tried skiing before (saja nak cite and aksen kat John, pakai jeans je ok!) in Switzerland. Yeah I know ... on a bunny hill aje. Jadilah (sedar diri).

Experienced another ski trip with besties in Seoul, Korea. Magical.

Swam across Lake Chini (no dragon at that time, on leave kot), hiking, camping etc with IBMers. This is when Knights of the Tasik Chini formed. Fun fun fun! Miss you guys much.

Did this the second trip to Perth, snow-boarding next, maybe?

Went to Chiang Mai and did the boat ride to 3 Golden Triangle countries in the rain, worried as hell the boat gonna capsize on us. And that 2 backpackers behind, we still keep touch and visit them.

Elephant ride in Chiang Mai jungle, this pic was taken from my elephant climbing the hill. Very worrying ride but fun though.

Chiang Mai trip is always full of outdoor activities, bamboo rafting up in the mountain, oh, the kids were least scared. Cis aksen..... bluek. Hahhahahah....

Ostrich ride in Seremban, but NO one took my pic on it pulak. Geram!!! Give it a try, it's ticklish tau.

Chiang Mai again (banyak Chiang Mai dalam entry nih), Microlight ride at sunset for RM200. A must must must try. Sumpah best giler.

Elephant ride is normal but try riding it in a sunflower field, you'll feel like a queen. Where? Lopburi in Thailand.

Broga Hill at sunrise. I think everyone who is a Malaysian have climbed here before, as I am not much of a trekker hence this was a big deal for me. Like really big. 

If you are visiting New Zealand, extreme sport is a must do. I injured my leg the year before thus bungee, paragliding and ski-diving is a no-no. What else to do but... Shotover jet! Weeeeeeeeee........

ATV ride is something I do every 2 years. Hahahahah.... this was taken in Kemensah (behind the zoo, kotlah sesiapa yang tak tahu).

Sand dunes ride mid last year in Mui Ne, Vietnam. Sweet. 

Nothing much to do in Siem Reap? Ride their ATV at sunset, they'll take you around the villages; awesome experience. 

Bali is not just sea and temples, try lah canyon tubing in Ubud. They even have waterfall ziplining as well. Try tau.

Paintball. Favourite activity especially for the guys and I played this in almost every state in West Malaysia. Gigih dak?

Somehow I don't have a picture of me go-karting. Nak upset lah.

Driving for the first time in New Zealand and during heavy snow. Enough said.

First trip to the east coast's Redang Island on a snorkeling trip with #TravelholicAwesome. Gitew...

My longest and shakiest train ride ever, 16 hours or so. But it was worth it.

Finally. I am a certified diver. 

I camped before during school days but as I said earlier (geram), no pictures back then. This was taken during my diving/camping trip recently.

Gave it a try. Bad at archery. Not trying again. I will die in Hunger Game. Hahhahahhaha....

Sailing in Club Med. Sukaaaaaa... wanna do again if given the opportunity (and monies).

Manual roller coaster ride in Dalat, a hilly trekking/park area. One word = FUN.

So, what's your story like? Share me your adventurous moments.


AjlaA said...

macam best je chiang mai. hee
manual roller coaster maksudnya kena kayuh sendiri?

Nanatron said...

wow lily..such an adrenaline junkie!

I've done Broga, atv @ kemensah, parasailing at Boracay and DSD at Mabul. On my way to be certified diver gak !

Impiannya nak dive Sipadan tahun depan.. hehe..moga termakbul..

Jari Manis said...

mmg adventure lah..especially microlight ride tu..ohsem..gayat ehh

saerah80 said...

What an adventure life you to have them too...

Lily Riani said...


dia menurun so leg jalan sendiri, tapi break guna tangan. kalau you nak stop tangkap gambar, stop je, tapi jaga2, orang belakang marah. ehhehheheh


hi5!!!! jom jom jom! gi sesama

Lily Riani said...


gayat tuh memang but lawa giler ok, gayat pun hilangggggg


kat malaysia pun ada, slow slow... sure dapat buat...

Mrs.Critical Thinking said...

Hello i'm yr silent reader! You are awesome. Anyway just wondering which skool did u go last time, cause me originality from Kampung Tunku. Primary KT and secondary Sri Aman skool.

Lily Riani said...

Mrs.Critical Thinking,

I came from a chinese school in PJ (Sg. Way and CHS), but I ngaji in Ustaz Aziz in KT where I use to know some KT and later Amanians students.

Anonymous said...

Love how you live life tot the fullest! :)

The only photo of me at Mimaland is at the dinasour statue and I was like, 4? ahhaa

Cheers to more travels and adventures for you, Lily! :)


Lily Riani said...


Mimaland was the coolest theme park back then, happening sangat kan.

same to you, travel where you feet takes you.

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