Monday, March 3, 2014

Models at Dalat Train Station, Vietnam

Vietnam Next Top Model
Who's gonna be on top?

A must visit place, we make sure Dalat Train Station or Crémaillère Railway Station is included in our sightseeing list and to our dismay, it was raining. Not only that, there is another problem we faced, it have to hit minimal headcount for the train to operate, the station master will wait for 10 committed travelers/riders for them to operate the train and we only have 8 at that point of time. So, no, we did not ride on this old locomotive. Sad.

You can read more about Dalat Train Station here in Wikipedia or Tracing The Forgotten Path To The Lost Shangri-La.

So, what did we do instead? We played model-model, photog-photog, drama-drama, poyo-poyo, kira kes balas dendam sebab tak dapat naik train.

Enjoy them pictures (this was taken using Olympus Dramatic Tone).
(PS : Do you do the same in your trips sometime, have fun with the camera?)

Sila salahkan photographer, awat ada enter frame???

It's a wrap. Gitew....

Dalat Train Station
Address : Street 1 Ð Quang Trung, Dalat, Vietnam
Time : 6.30am - 5:00pm
Telephone : +84 63 383 4409
Duration : Approximately 30 minutes
Frequency : 5 times per day - 7.45am, 9.50am, 11.55am, 2.00pm, 4.05pm

Ticket : Dalat - Trai Mat at VND 106,000 for foreigner and VND 72,000 for Vietnamese
Entrance Fee : Free
*** There must be a minimum of 10 travelers/riders for them to operate the train


Zila Zainal said...

eh eh... nak gi vietnam jugak this friday weee!

syieda said...

Alamak...camana ni nak vote yg mana satu. Hehehe

Anonymous said...

Sayangnya tak dapat naikkk. Macam best je. 2 org je lagi pulak tu!

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